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Bid Detail is the largest website for Government Tenders, Federal Solicitations, Global Tenders, and Defense Tenders, covered from all countries of Europe. At any point in time around Half Million, Live Tenders are available for access to Bidders, Contractors, and Vendors, every day around 50,000 Fresh Tenders, New Tenders are tracked and published, which covers all Public Procurement Notices invited via European Tendering Authorities, European eTendering, European e-Procurement, European Commission agencies, European Newspapers, European Journals.

Various Types of Europe Tender Notices covered are:

  • Europe General Procurement Notice (GPN)
  • Europe Procurement Forecast
  • Europe Procurement Plan
  • Europe Prior Information Notice
  • Europe Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Europe Request for Information (RFI)
  • Europe Invitation to Tender (ITT)
  • Europe Invitation to Bid (ITB)
  • Europe Invitation for Bid (IFB)
  • Europe Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)
  • Europe Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Europe Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • Europe Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)
  • Europe Framework Contract
  • Europe Call for Tenders (CFT)
  • Europe Concession Contract
  • Europe Public Private Partnership contract (PPP)
  • Europe Build-Own-Transfer (BOT) contract
  • Europe Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) Contracts
  • Europe Contract Award Notices

How The Best Tender Publishing System Works:

Promoters of  Bid Detail are the pioneers in Tender Portal concept, design, and market understanding, they were among the first to identify the need and its nitty-gritties involving its development and maintenance to keep Bid Detail always ahead and on top of any of its competitors in the entire World, which covers:

  • European Defense Contracts Websites
  • European Health Contracts Websites
  • European Education Contracts Websites
  • European Infrastructure Contracts Websites
  • European Digital Infrastructure Contracts Websites
  • European Energy Contracts Websites
  • European Covid Control Contracts Websites
  • European Country Specific Government Contracts Websites
  • European Market Place Contracts Websites
  • European Government Agency’s Contracts Websites
  • TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) Contracts
  • EU Market Contracts Websites
  • EU Region Contracts Websites
  • European Public Contracts Websites
  • Access2EU Markets Contracts
  • European union Market Place Contracts Websites
  • Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) Tenders Websites
  • European Municipalities Contracts Websites
  • EU local and regional authorities Contracts Websites
  • Council of Europe Contracts Websites
  • EU Public Procurement Bulletin Contracts
  • European State of the Union Contracts Websites
  • EU Public Procurement Portal Contracts
  • EU e market portal Contracts
  • EU Public Procurement System Contracts
  • EU Public Procurement Board Contracts
  • EU Contract information system Contracts
  • EU Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Contracts

Bidding Consultancy & Facilitation Services Provided for Europe Tenders

Bid Detail with its vast experience and in-depth knowledge of Bidding Procedure of EU also extends Services to assist companies in successful participation in EU Tenders and enhance chances of winning, which includes but not limited to following Bidding Processes and All kind of Procurement Procedures.

  • Official Journal of the EU (OJEU) Framework Contracts Tendering process
  • Official Journal of the EU (OJEU) Procurement Process
  • Official Journal of the EU (OJEU) Tendering process
  • Official Journal of the EU (OJEU) Process

If you are willing to expand high volume Government Business in Europe, and wish to participate in Tenders and Contracts of your choice among around Half Million Tender Invitations annually for worth Half Trillion Euro value, your one stop shop is BidDetail, who also helps companies to understand the European Bidding Procedures and assist in preparing a winning Bid Proposal and Enhance chances of winning EU Contracts, If you have any questions from below list, you should be facilitated and assisted by BidDetail successfully to address all your hassles and queries relating to EU Tendering processes.

  • How to understand European bidding process?
  • How toWin government tenders in the European Union?
  • How to submit Bid Proposals online in the European Union?
  • How to register successfullyin electronic tendering platformsof the European Union?
  • How to complete online bid forms
  • How to prepare a responsive bid proposal
  • How to verify if a tender in the European Union is meant for you
  • How to ensure that European bid’s forms are filled properly?
  • How to submitBids in etendering invitations in the European Union?
  • How to check competition level of tender in the European Union?
  • How to appealif a tender in the European Union is not awarded to you?
  • Which bidding process is used the European Union?
  • Who are the various EU Bid Information Provider
  • Which are the various bidding procedures coveredin the European Union?
  • How to search appropriate Tenders in the European Union?
  • Which is the Best Bid portal of the European Union?
  • Which are the accurate and updated tenders in the European Union
  • Which is the best website for EU government tenders?
  • Who are the various EU bid alert service provider
  • BestBidding Consultancy and Facilitation Service Providers in the European Union
  • Where to search GoodOffers in the European Union?
  • Howto get Local support by tender agents in the European Union?
  • How to look for EU government Contracts
  • Where to find Winning bids in the European Union
  • The most used bidding website in the European Union
  • Which are the most popular EU Bids Information Sites


Important Steps which BidDetail assists you for

  • Searching or Looking for suitable EU Tenders of your Business Preference
  • Receiving Timely Alerts for All Fresh EU Tenders via email, in your BidDetail dashboard with facility of alarm bell.
  • Preparation of responsive EU standard Bid Proposal
  • Successful and responsive EU Bid submission
  • Tracking to various stages of Bidding Processes and Contract Award status during evaluation stages?
  • Happily Winning and Executing the EU Contract satisfactorily

You can check complete List of services offered by contacting BidDetail. 

BidDetail is most trusted and one of the best website that provides Europe tenders, EU public procurement and other various such opportunities. Though, we cover all industry segments in EU Public Contracts and procurement domain, some of the main sectors is as below:

  • European Union (EU) Agriculture Food and Beverages Tenders
  • OJEU procurement
  • TED ojeu tender
  • TED Europa tenders
  • European Union (EU) Airports Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Architecture and Urban Development Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Automobiles and Auto Parts Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Aviation Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Banking & Finance Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Bridges and Tunnels Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Building Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Chemicals Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Construction Materials Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Consultancy Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Consultancy Financial Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Defence Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Education and Training Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Energy Power and Electrical Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Engineering Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Environment and Pollution Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Fire Safety and Security Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Furniture Tenders
  • European Union (EU) GIS/ GPS Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Healthcare and Medicine Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Healthcare Equipment and Services Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Human Resource(HR) Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Industrial Automation and Control Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Industry Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Information Technology (IT) Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Infrastructure and construction Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Infrastructure Tunnels Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Insurance Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Law and legal Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Machinery and Equipments(M&E) Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Management business and administration Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Marine Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Metals and Machine Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Minerals and Mining Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Non Renewable Energy Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Not Classified Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Oil and Gas Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Oil and Gas Product and Equipment Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Oil and Gas Services Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Paper and Packaging Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Pharmaceuticals Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Plastic and Rubber Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Postal and Courier Services Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Printing and publishing Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Railways Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Real Estate Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Renewable Energy Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Retail Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Roads and Highways Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Roadways Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Science & Technology Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Security Services Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Services Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Services Entertainment & Media Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Smart Cards and other Access Control system Tenders
  • European Union (EU) European journal tenders
  • European Union (EU) Webgate tenders
  • European Union (EU) Webgate Contracts
  • European Union (EU) EuropeAid Tenders
  • European Union (EU) EuropeAid Contracts
  • European Union (EU) European parliament tenders
  • European Union (EU) Software Services Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Sports and leisure Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Technology Hardware and Equipment Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Telecommunications Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Textile Apparel and Footwear Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Transportation Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Travel and Tourism Tenders
  • European Union (EU) Water and Sanitation Tenders

To know more about the complete list of sectors covered please contact Bid Detail.

Save Time and Money, Publish Tenders in European Union (EU):

European Union (EU) Companies participating as Bidder also needs to procure, seek sub-contracting and hence they may also invite Tenders. In order to save time, money, and get authentic suppliers, EU Companies can also publish their Tenders at BidDetail, it will help them to attract most suitable EU supplier, EU sub-contractors from huge database of EU companies who are using BidDetail regularly and Trust it to be the most trusted Tender Website in for EU market procurement.EU companies can publish Tenders of various nature but not limiting to below only:

Why to wait, start Publishing EU Tenders at BidDetail, click and proceed: Publish EU Tenders

European Union (EU) Contract Awards:

The most important aspects for Winning EU Tenders is to check your competitiveness in EU Procurement, BidDetail offers comprehensive database of EU Contract Awards and EU Tender Results.

BidDetail offers more than Millions of EU Contract Award Notices, don’t waste time and grab opportunity to do large volume EU Government Contracts, check your options by clicking: EU Contract Awards

European Union (EU) Projects Listings:

Smart EU Business Entities always keeps track of EU Projects, which are published on BidDetail at the stage when the Budget is allocated and the information is declared in Public Domain. New EU Initiatives, Large EU Infrastructure, EU sustainable Development Projects are planned and declared when Investments or Budget is ensured and assured.
This stage is considered Potential EU Tender Information, One EU Project have potential of inviting several EU Tenders of various natures and of various industry segments, so it is important for any EU Company to necessarily track EU Projects and start their Pre-Sales, Liaison activities to attempt the EU Bid when it is invited in future. BidDetail covers several such projects as:

  • European Union (EU) Turn-Key Projects
  • European Union (EU) Public Private Partnership (PPP)Projects
  • European Union (EU) Government Large Contract Projects
  • European Union (EU) Build Operate Transfer (BOT)Projects
  • European Union (EU) Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) Projects
  • European Union (EU) Infrastructure Projects
  • European Union (EU) Information Technology Projects
  • European Union (EU) Social and Justice Infrastructure Projects
  • European Union (EU) Sustainable Development Projects
  • European Union (EU) Environment Protection Project
  • European Union (EU) Alternative Energy Project
  • European Union (EU) Alternative Transportation Project         

European Union (EU) Consultancy and Feasibility Study

BiDetail covers thousands of such EU Consultancy and EU Feasibility Study Assignment opportunities on daily basis

To know more about the EU Consultancy and EU Feasibility Study opportunities, click: EU Consultancy &Feasibility Study


European Union (EU) eTender (Online Bidding):


In order to do Transparent and Accountable EU Procurement, European Union has adopted most advanced eTenering System used by thousands of EU Procurement Agencies, such system does not only facilitates the EU Procuring Agencies to conduct effective procurement but also eases and facilitates the EU Bidder community to submit proposals from comfort of their Office or Home without spending much on resources, time and travel hassles, and enhance chances of winning. EU eTendering is considered to be most advanced procurement system in the World, for all such EU eTendering opportunities, click: EU eTenders


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