Bidding Consultancy Services 2024 by virtue of its promoter’s extensive knowledge of bidding procedures of various countries of the World and with vast experience (25 Years), and exposure to several challenging circumstances and situation is pleased to extend Professional Services of “Bid Consultation & Facilitation” with support from its wide network of “Country Associates” with their strong professional and local influence in respective countries.

Our Services are unique & exclusive thus proving that we are very much concerned for Success of our esteemed clients and hence ready to go the extra miles to assist and facilitate their success in a True Sense of “Being Responsible & Stake Holder in our Client’s Success”.

We offer below mentioned services (This List is a Standard List of Services and may vary with nature of different Bid & Project Countries) (subject to availability of Country Associate):-

  1. Purchasing Bid Document on behalf of Client, e-mailing/Courier to Client as per document (soft/hard copy).
  2. Attending Bid Opening meeting (if provisioned) on behalf of the Client.
  3. Getting clarification from Purchasing Authority for queries client needs to be clarified (even if there is no pre-bid meeting provisioned).
  4. Arranging other needful input & local costs (if required for competitive estimation of bid) viz; Customs, VAT, Local Taxes, Transportation, Warehousing, Insurance, other input costs like material cost, labour cost (skilled, unskilled), availability of local plants, machines, equipment, and its rental, etc.
  5. Arranging other Business/Market intelligence information viz; prevailing local market costing, historical costing, competitor’s positioning, and local influence, etc.
  6. Doing all best possible efforts so that our client is able to write a “Winning Bid Proposal”.
  7. Receiving/Collecting the Bid Security from the Local Bank through which the client has arranged a Bid Security (Bank Guarantee) (in cases where it is required to be endorsed by a local bank of project country), attaching it to Bid Proposal, etc.
  8. Receiving Bid Proposals, Samples, Getting it custom cleared (if needed), and submit it to the purchasing authority.
  9. Attending Bid Opening meeting on behalf of the client, addressing queries if raised by Bid Opening Committee etc., noting down the bid opening meeting minutes and sending back to client post completion of the bid opening meeting.
  10. In case if client wish/required to visit the project country during any stage pre-bid, bidding, post-bid, execution of contract, follow-ups, etc. (Though all these efforts would be done by our country associate and/or our Bid Consultants), Providing assistance in arranging Visa Invitation Letter/Visa, Boarding & Lodging, caring for Safe & secure travel and stay and interaction with local purchasing authorities, etc.
  11. Assisting in the finding of local companies for Joint Bidding (Identification/Facilitation)
  12. Aid for medical emergency and other safety aspects as and if required etc.
  13. Lend a Hand in arranging Translator, Interpreter (if required)
  14. Assist in finding local logistics company, labours, sub-contractors, equipment, machines, man-power, etc.
  15. Give assistance to identify and set up project execution office and boarding-lodging arrangements (if required)
  16. Provide all inputs/correspondences etc. from the Purchaser to the client if any.
  17. Over all supervise and ensure proper execution of the contract as mentioned in the contract signed between the ‘Purchaser’ and the ‘Client’.
  18. Pursue / follow up any pending issue (in consultation with Client) with local authorities for successful completion of the project.
  19. Assist in realizing payment of outstanding dues from the ‘Purchaser’.
  20. In case the ‘Client’ is not successful in the Bid, then arrange for refund of original security deposits / Bank Guarantee submitted by the ‘Client’ and the original Performance Guarantee after the successful completion of the project.
  21. Any other information pertaining to the Bid as required by the ‘Client’ from time to time.
  22. We do not charge any advance charges for providing bid consultancy services except the bid document purchase and services charge.

Note: Our bid consultancy charges may vary from project to project depending on the size of the contract, but the charges (%) for bid consultancy are payable only if the tender is awarded to your company.

Hope the above inputs are sufficient to understand scope of our role in the bid consultancy process. Please feel free to revert in case you would require any further clarification / information with respect to above mentioned points or any other additional services required which are not quoted above.