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Frequently Asked Questions 2024

Companies, individuals, consultants, and government agencies from any part of the world who are willing to do bulk business through a competitive bidding process should use BidDetail.com. Research/Marketing/Survey Agencies, Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Federation of Industries, Embassies, Commercial Consulates, Content Syndicators, AI-based business and market forecasters, Business Analysts, Market Analysts, etc. can also use BidDetail for better serving their target users.

The BidDetail.com website covers worldwide government tenders, online tenders, procurement news, contract awards, and project information online.
These are classified vertically into four categories.
1. Tender Notices: RFPs, RFQs, EOI, RFI, General Procurement Notices, Procurement Forecasts, Procurement Plans, Empanelment Notices, Pre-Qualification Notices, Contractor/Vendor Registration Notices
2. Contract Awards: Post Bidding, Award Declaration Notice of Contracts to the winning bidder with details of the contract amount and terms of the contract, etc.
3. Projects: Information about various budgets sanctioned for new projects in various countries and in various sectors. These are indicative details about future tender information to be invited. One project may comprise several future tenders in multiple sectors or categories at various stages of the project execution schedule.
4. Procurement News: Information about various current News related to public procurement procedures and policies adopted, changed, or modified by various country governments and agencies, including multilateral funding agencies, viz., World Bank Procurement, United Nation Procurement, GIZ Procurement, European Commission Procurement, etc.

Yes & No, Success in a tender is entirely dependent on the most responsive and competitive technical and financial bid submission. BidDetail website ensures you attempt the right tenders at the right time and enhances your chances of winning, so if you submit bids as responsive and most competitive, you will win and succeed.
A subscription ensures you are notified of your tenders timely. These tenders are from all across the globe. We trust that if you are in business, you must have a competitive edge to do business in the entire world or in any particular region of your competitiveness, and hence it is hard to believe that you will not win tenders. In addition, our BCFS (Bidding Consultancy and Facilitation Services) also assist our clients to become more competitive and enhance their chances of winning. Business is a continuous process, and if you continue participating in bids regularly, sooner or later, you will learn tricks on how to win Tenders and keep winning regularly onward.
There are no standard requirements or eligibility requirements to participate in tenders. Though it is very simple to participate, you will need to do proper documentation, fill out all the Tender Forms, and submit supporting documents, viz., company registration, tax registration, technical expertise, financial credentials (turn-over certificates), past performance / previous experience certificates, Quality certificates etc. Bid Detail website publish more than 50,000 new tenders per day. Every tender is maverick in nature. Each and every Tender Notice and Tender Document comprises information about eligibility, requirements, documents to be submitted, and the process of bid submission to be followed. You only need to follow that judiciously, and hence you can submit a responsive, technically and financially viable Tender to Win.
Generally, there is no such certification required for any new company; please refer to the details in the previous point. You should start tracking the tenders of your choice, and you will come to know what documents are required if you are attempting to participate in low-value, low-exposure tenders. Even as a new company, you can mostly participate. But if you feel you are very competitive technically and financially, you may also form a JV (joint venture) with a like-minded company that fulfills stringent eligibility criteria, or you may propose yourself as a subcontractor or associate vendor to the principal bidder as an eligible company. Don’t wait Start tracking tenders; you cannot swim unless you ‘Test the Water’ in a swimming pool.
Yes, you can participate, and you will be a very strong challenger to your other global competitors. Global Tender participation mostly requires the same nature of experience and exposure as is achieved during domestic bidding and the execution of projects. The incentive is that you will be paid in FOREX, which is mostly tax-exempt in many countries.
Most of the time, product registration is not mandatory in tender-inviting countries. However, you will need to check if your product is sensitive enough to be registered mandatorily in the Tender Inviting Countries. Generally, few but not all medical or health-related products do require to be registered in the tender inviting country. In many cases, if your product is registered by "International Certification", you become eligible to participate in tenders.
No, Bid Detail website is not a tender submission platform, but Bid Detail website is a platform that publishes each and every tender that is published in any part of the world in the public domain. You can get information about each and every tender of your choice as soon as it is publicly declared by the Purchasing Agencies of the World, and you will get all the details about "how to participate" in that particular tender. You can also utilize our innovative and unique BCFS (Bidding Consultancy and Facilitation Services) for ease of participation in global tenders and to enhance your chances of winning. Please Be Positive with our Tag Line "ENHANCING BUSINESS"
No, there is no limitation on access to the Bid Detail website for your chosen product(s) or services according to the plans subscribed by you; you cannot have access to information that is not related to your product, services, or sector.
We can provide information about archived tenders for the last five years; please contact our sales team for terms and conditions for accessing archived tenders.
Yes, we provide complete information about the winning bidders, and it is published and provided by the Purchasing Authority in the public domain. We do not modify contract award information but provide it exactly as it is issued via a public notice. We also give access to the original contract award notice.

We generally display tenders for multilaterally funded projects, then tenders with high value, and so on. However, we have also given provision for "Advanced Search" where users can search Tenders by their value in three categories: Low Value (less than US$ 100,000), Medium Value (more than US$ 100,000 but less than US$ 1000,000), and High Value (more than US$ 1000,000).

Yes, we provide data through APIs and support to our customized and high-end corporate clients but not to regular subscribers.
Yes, our user subscribers can use Full Services on their mobile/cell phone, iPad, Notebook, MacBook, laptop, desktop, and on any browser, including Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.
Downloading the document is very easy from the link named "View Original Tender Notice / Tender Document" attached with each tender.
Yes, you can do it by using folder management in your system.
Yes, you can modify your queries on your own, which will be activated within 72 hours and reflected in your section access.
You cannot add additional emails to your subscription, but you can request the replacement or addition of emails, which will be done as per the prevailing policy at the time.
Yes, you can view archived, historical, and past tenders for a few months in the system.
We are the largest tracker, collector, classifier (sector, keyword, CPV, NAICS), and segregator of tenders from any part of the world on a daily basis. We track more than 50,000 government websites, e-papers, newspapers, trade magazines, etc. where tender notices are provided in the public domain. Our Highly Experienced Content Management Team Researches regularly for New Entity, New Sources of Tender Publications in Public Domain and include in our daily visit site Directories. Many NGOs and purchasing agencies keep publishing their tenders with us regularly.
Entire World
Yes, we do cover all Local and International NGO Tenders too if it is provided in Public Domain.
Yes, we do cover all private sector tenders too if it is provided in public domain.