BidDetail - Covid-19

Public Procurement for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic Management

Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and its various Variants in its 2nd and 3d Waves all across the Globe has infected Millions of People and still growing in variants and infections.

Every single institutions, WHO (World Health Organisation), UN (United Nations), WB (World Bank), IMF (International Monetary Fund) and various Governments, Non-Governmental Organisa-tion (NGO) are allocating and diverting majority of their Funds and Budgets to fight this unprece-dented Pandemic of never imagined Size, Coverage and Intensity.

Each Government and Institutions around the World is prioritising to Spend their maximum possible funds in Procurement to expand Public Health Infrastructure, Critical Medical Care Medicine, Sup-plies and Serviceable including expanding sourcing of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE)

Various Medical Equipment , Accessories and consumables associated to medical equipment, Consumables (single use devices), Instruments and Utensils, Personal Protective Equipment, and essential Items which are procured by way of Direct Purchase, Emergency Procurement and Reg-ular Procurement Processes including eTendering, eProcurement & eAuction platforms for Interna-tional Tenders, Global Tenders, Local Tenders, National Competitive Bids, مناقصة, 投标, l' offre, An-gebot, bieten, προσφορά, offerta, 入札, 매기다, oferta, пропонувати, licitación, đấu thầu, teklif, เสนอราคา, ставка, taklif qilish, teklip, дархост, bud, делать ставку, licitație, dražba, лицитирати, बिड, လေလံဆွဲသည်, тендер, menawar, bidden, pasiūlymas, solīt, bid, RFP, EOI, RFI, RFQ, TOR, Solicitation, ការដេញថ្លៃ, өтінім, tairiscint, tawaran, licitáljon, निविदा, tarjouksen, tawad and its Con-tract Awards information.

Monitoring Devices:

  • Infrared thermometer
  • Pulse oximeter - portable handheld, with cables and sensors and fingertip
  • Pulse oximeter - table top, with cables and sensor

Oxygen Therapy:

  • Patient monitor, multi-parametric, including EKG, non invasive blood pressure (NIBP),
  • Oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiratory rate (RR), temperature (TEMP), with sensors and cables
  • Bubble humidifier
  • Connector, biconical, symmetric
  • Tubing, medical gases
  • Flow splitter
  • Flowmeter, Thorpe tube, for oxygen

Airway Management and Intubation:

  • Patient monitor, multi-parametric, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP, respiratory rate (RR) with sensors and ca-bles, (without EKG)
  • Concentrator O2, 10 L, with accessories
  • Medical gas cylinder, portable, for oxygen, fitted with a valve and a pressure and flow regulator
  • Laryngoscope, FO, with blades
  • Videolaryngoscope, with blades and accessories

Mechanical Ventilation:

  • Patient ventilator, intensive care, for adult and paediatric, with breathing circuits and patient inter-face
  • Patient ventilator, transport, for adult and paediatric, with breathing circuits and patient interface
  • Filter, heat and moisture exchanger (HMEF), high efficiency, with connectors, for adult and paedi-atric, single use

  • CPAP, with tubing and patient interfaces for adult and paediatric, with accessories
  • BiPAP, with tubing and patient interfaces for adult and paediatric, with accessories
  • High Flow Nasal Cannula, with accessories

IV Infusion:

  • Electronic drop counter, IV fluids
  • Infusion pump, with accessories

Blood Chemistry:

  • Blood Gas Analyser, portable, with cartridges and control solutions
  • Arterial Blood Sample Kits (syringes with dry lithium heparin


  • Ultrasound, portable, w/linear and phased array cardiac transducer w/trolley
  • Conductive gel, container


  • Drill, for vascular access, with accessories adult and paediatric, with transport bag
  • Electrocardiograph, portable, with accessories
  • Suction pump, electrical, with accessories
  • Suction pump, manual
  • Autoclave with accessories
  • Tubing, silicone


  • Autoclave with accessories

Oxygen Delivery Devices:

  • Catheter, nasal, with lateral eyes, sterile, single use
  • Nasal oxygen cannula, with prongs, adult and paediatric
  • Mask, oxygen, with connection tube, reservoir bag and valve, high-concentration, adult and paedi-atric non-sterile, single use
  • Venturi Mask, with percent O2 Lock and tubing, adult and paediatric

Airway Management and Intubation:

  • Compressible self-refilling ventilation bag for adult with masks
  • Airway, nasopharyngeal, sterile, single use set
  • Airway, oropharyngeal, Guedel set
  • Colorimetric End Tidal CO2 detector, adult and paediatric, single use
  • Cricothyrotomy, set sterile for single use
  • Syringe, Luer slip sterile for single use
  • Endotracheal tube introducer, Stylet, sterile, single use
  • Endotracheal tube introducer, Bougie, sterile, single use
  • Tube, endotracheal without cuff, sterile for single use
  • Tube, endotracheal with cuff, sterile for single use
  • Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) sterile for single use
  • Lubricating Jelly
  • Forceps Magill

Central Line:

  • Central Venous Catheters kit with: Finder needle, syringe, wire, dilator, lidocaine, scalpel, needle, threads
  • Transparent adhesive plasters, wash proof
  • Syringe, feeding, LDT, ENFit, sterile, single use

Gastro-Enteral Feeding:

  • Syringe, feeding, ENFit, sterile, single use
  • Tube, feeding, nasogastric, ENFit tip, sterile, single use
  • Stethoscope, binaural, adult/child, single use
  • Lubricating Jelly
  • Pad, absorbent
  • Basin kidney, stainless steel


  • Antiseptic Wipe with Alcohol & Chlorhexidine
  • Compress, gauze, sterile, single use
  • Tape, surgical, hypoallergenic
  • Drape, surgical, non woven, sterile, single use
  • Gloves, examination, nitrile, powder-free, pair-packed, large, medium, small, sterile, single use

Urine Collection:

  • Bag, collecting, urine, with outlet tap, with non-return valve non-sterile, single use
  • Catheter, urethral, Foley, 2-way, sterile, single use, set

Health Workers Personal Protection (PPE):

  • Medical / surgical mask
  • Respirator
  • Face shield, single use
  • Protective goggles, wraparound, soft frame, indirect vent
  • Surgical gowns / isolation gowns, non-sterile
  • Apron, plastic, single use
  • Gloves, examination, nitrile, powder-free, large, medium, small, non-sterile, single use


  • Infrared thermometer
  • Pulse oximeter - portable handheld, with cables and sensor