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Procurement News

ACWA Power to invest in 200MW wind farm in Uzbekistan

To be located in the Karakalpakstan region, the investment in the wind farm will be $262.65m (SR984.94m). Saudi Arabia-based ACWA Power is planning to construct a 200MW wind farm in Uzbekistan, online publication KUN.UZ has reported. The project, supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), will include a 100MW electricity storage system capable of storing power for one hour. The wind power plant will be situated in the Karaozak and Beruniy districts within the Karakalpakstan region. The total investment for the project is $262.65m. The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Uzbekistan and the EBRD have signed a cooperation agreement for €10m ($10.67m) to establish a public-private partnership project development fund. The EBRD will oversee the fund, which is designated for the payment of consultancy services. The tender for the wind farm project was launched in April 2022 by Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economy and Finance, and Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade, and the National Electric Grids of Uzbekistan. ACWA Power emerged as the winning bidder in November 2023, offering a price of $0.0409 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), compared with its main competitor Abu Dhabi Future Energy’s (Masdar) offer of 0.0499/kWh. ACWA Power recently secured an $80m equity bridging loan from the Bank of China. The loan will support another of ACWA Power’s projects in the country, the Tashkent 200MW solar project, and a 500 megawatt-hour battery energy storage system. In 2024, the Egyptian Government entered into a $1.5bn wind energy agreement with a consortium led by ACWA Power. The deal includes the development of a 1.1GW wind energy project in Egypt’s Gulf of Suez and Jabal El Zayt areas. Uzbekistan

Energoatom signs SMR agreement with Holtec

The deal marks an advancement in the US and Ukraine’s burgeoning nuclear power relationship. Ukrainian state nuclear company Energoatom and US energy company Holtec have signed an agreement for the creation of manufacturing capabilities for components for SMRs and transportation systems for used nuclear fuel. The agreement is designed to accelerate the deployment of Holtec’s SMRs in Ukraine and “support unimpeded reactor operations through a successfully deployed used fuel storage facility”. Ukraine’s energy minister Herman Halushchenko, who was present at the signing of the agreement between Energoatom’s acting chairman Petro Kotin and Holtec’s CEO Chris Singh, said: “It is very important that we sign this document at such a turbulent time, demonstrating to the enemy [Russia] our stability and determination to deepen the Ukrainian-American partnership and develop the future of Ukrainian energy using leading technologies.” Holtec has been developing SMRs since 2011 and established links with Ukraine in April 2023 when it signed an agreement with Energoatom to deploy 20 of its SMR-160 units in the eastern European country. In November, the two entities also announced that they were planning to build a plant in Ukraine to produce containers, which are currently made in the US, for storage of used nuclear fuel. Kotin said: “This agreement is important not only for Energoatom, but also for the entire energy industry of Ukraine and the national economy. “The creation of nuclear energy production facilities in the country will contribute not only to the strengthening of the country’s energy security, this Master Agreement will lead to a modern manufacturing and training facility, which will spur economic development and create well-paying jobs.” Marking further consolidation in the nuclear power relationship between the US and Ukraine, on Monday Westinghouse Electric Company began the construction of a AP1000 reactor in Western Ukraine, the first of its kind in the country, where all existing reactors are Soviet-era water-water energetic models. At the beginning of this year, Ukrainian officials announced plans to build at least four new nuclear power reactors by autumn to replace power capacity lost during the war with Russia. Ukraine

Study reveals best locations for wind power

Researchers analysed data as far back as 1979 to identify ideal locations with consistent, strong wind power generation potential. New research published in the scientific journal Communications Earth & Environment has revealed which locations are best for generating consistent wind power. The study, titled ‘Identification of reliable locations for wind power generation through a global analysis of wind droughts’, saw researchers from the Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, US, analyse climate data from as far back as 1979 to identify area trends in wind strength as well as major fluctuations in wind speed across seasons. The study identified the American mid-west, Australia, Argentina, Central Asia and South Africa as the most ideal locations for generating wind power. The combination of both high power density and low seasonal variation in wind power make these locations well placed for future wind power development. Areas that combine low seasonal variability and high mean power generation have a significant advantage for wind power over those that only place highly in one of the two factors. North-western Europe, for instance, has an extremely high power density but also has significant variation across seasons and risks facing “wind droughts” in the summer months. Meanwhile, parts of the Amazon and Eastern Russia have more consistent seasonal patterns but relatively low power densities. The issue of seasonal variation in generating wind power in north-western Europe has become the subject of increased scrutiny in recent years, particularly in the UK. Seasonal variations highlight issues in grid stability, an issue brought to the attention of the British public when it was revealed that the British transmission company National Grid had spent £215m ($256.75m) to switch off wind turbines at the windiest times due to a lack of cable infrastructure to support power generation and a further £717m to turn on gas turbines closer to the source of demand to make up for the shortfall. Areas with high power generation and high seasonal variation must focus on building strong and flexible grid infrastructure, as well as energy storage capacity, to ensure that changing seasons do not mitigate the strong potential of their wind power. United Kingdom

LS Power looking to divest 5GW gas-fired plants in US

The deal could fetch about $2bn, according to Bloomberg. LS Power, an energy owner-developer based in New York, has initiated the sale of a significant portfolio of natural gas-fired plants in the US, reported Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter. These facilities provide approximately 5GW of power to the largest grid in the US, managed by PJM Interconnection. The portfolio, known as Granite Energy, is a substantial part of the 13-state grid’s infrastructure. The sale process, which began earlier this year, is currently private, the undisclosed sources said. Electricity generated from the portfolio is enough to supply four million people. Based on recent plant purchases and earnings estimates, one person estimated that the deal may fetch around $2bn, according to the report. This appreciation is due to the increasing demand for power and the improving outlook for profitability in the sector. Despite the potential sale, LS Power has not publicly commented on the status of the transaction, and there is no guarantee that the sale will be completed. In January of this year, LS Power entered into an agreement to purchase the Hunterstown plant in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2024. In May 2023, the company expanded its presence in Texas by agreeing to acquire more than 2.1GW of natural gas generation capacity in the ERCOT North region. This acquisition included two baseload combined cycle blocks with 1.2GW of capacity in Jack County, a 280MW combined cycle plant in Johnson County and four peaking units with a total of 568MW of capacity in Palo Pinto County. LS Power operates a 16GW gas-fired generation fleet, which is complemented by wind, hydro and solar power, as well as battery energy storage and other energy transition technologies. United States

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