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Nuclear-averse Italy now wants small modular reactors

Thirty-five years after shutting down its last nuclear power station, Italy is planning to restart its nuclear industry with small modular reactors (SMRs), the Financial Times reports. Energy minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin told the FT that Rome planned to introduce legislation to enable investments in SMRs, which could be operational within 10 years. In the past, Italy had four nuclear power stations, of which two were still in service when the 1986 Chernobyl disaster prompted their closure. Governments have since looked to reverse the nuclear ban. In the 2000s, Silvio Berlusconi’s government planned to have 25% of electricity supplied by nuclear power by 2030, but it was rejected by an overwhelming majority in a 2011 referendum. The latest goal is to have at least 11% of the country’s power supplied by domestic nuclear plants by 2050, thereby reducing Italy’s reliance on imported fuel. “To have a guarantee of continuity on clean energy, we must insert a quota of nuclear energy,” said Pichetto Fratin, arguing that solar and wind would not be enough to guarantee the country always had adequate supplies. In a survey commissioned by environmental group Legambiente, 75% of 1,000 respondents expressed scepticism that nuclear power was a solution to Italy’s energy problems. However, 37% said nuclear power could help if the technology was safer. Pichetto Fratin said he was confident that Italians’ aversion to nuclear power could be overcome once people were aware of how the technology had developed. In 2022, coal, oil and natural gas made up 81% of Italy’s energy mix, with wind and solar accounting for just 7%. Italy has been sceptical about wind and solar, partly because of the land they require. The emerging technology of SMRs is particularly attractive given the relatively small footprint of a power station based on them. Italy

OMA-designed bridge with built-in cultural space opens in Bordeaux

The Simone-Veil Bridge, a 549m-long structure designed by Dutch firm Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) has opened to the public. The structure spans the Garonne between the Bordeaux municipalities of Bègles and Floirac, The 44m-wide bridge contains a 28m area that can be used for cultural or commercial purpose, such as markets, fairs or music performances. Cars, public transport and pedestrians each have a dedicated lane. The bridge aims to mix the visual identity of Floirac on the right bank with Bègles on the left. The latter will include green areas woven into the urban fabric and the repurposing of a highway. Rem Koolhaas, a partner in OMA, said: “Rather than concentrating on form, the project focuses on performance. Instead of spending its budget on structural gymnastics, it doubles the width with a public space to serve and connect two adjoining communities that so far have not developed a strong identity “On the model of bridges like the Rialto in Venice, this extra public space can be used for any purpose.” France

Dismantling of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium roof begins

The construction site for replacing the roof of the Olympic Stadium is entering a symbolic phase. Teams are now busy dismantling the white Sheerfill canvas from the roof, visible from the outside. Preparation for several weeks A first opening was created a few weeks ago in order to bring down materials from the niche, remains of the old roof. Once the materials were brought down, the teams then tackled the blue canvas, visible only from inside the Stadium, revealing the steel structure that connects the roof to the 26 cables attached to the mast; these two components are also the subject of a promotion competition for which the public is invited to vote for their favorite. Then, the mobile cranes come into action: at the end of them, nacelles containing the workers. A first team attaches a section of the canvas to the crane in order to recover it safely when it is detached, using a hoist system. The second team then comes into play and proceeds to cut the targeted section. On the playground, a team of around ten people collect sections of canvas in order to fold them for storage. The teams will work until the construction holidays, dismantling a little more than half of the white canvas, revealing the structural part of the current roof. The dismantling will continue until the end of the summer, before proceeding with the deconstruction of the metal part and the removal of the cables in the fall. Canada

Saskatchewan’s $9M Garson Lake Road project reaches milestone

The Government of Saskatchewan announced a milestone for the province’s portion of the La Loche to Fort McMurray all-weather road. The remaining nearly ten kilometres of Highway 956 in Saskatchewan from near Garson Lake heading west to the Alberta border is near completion, thanks to a more than $9 million Ministry of Highways project. “This is a great day for northern Saskatchewan as our provincial government follows through on its commitment to this important project,” said Athabasca MLA Jim Lemaigre, on behalf of Highways Minister Lori Carr. “Saskatchewan recognizes the need to continue to work with Alberta on completing this vital economic and transportation link for northern residents in these two Western provinces.” Construction on the 9.8 km segment began at end of August 2023. Work involved grading and placing traffic gravel. The road between La Loche and Fort McMurray was initially announced as a project to commemorate the two province’s centennials in 2005. Saskatchewan broke ground on Highway 956, its portion of the project, in 2007, and completed 44 of the total 53 kilometres in 2008. The Government of Alberta identifies this project as a priority and Saskatchewan looks forward to Alberta’s next steps on its portion of the road. Canada

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