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Latest Government Tenders Detail

  • 16
  • 02 Sep 2022
  • Mongolia
  • 53904836

Ministry of Ports and Marine Transp...... Eastern Africa

Tenders are invited for Heavy Handling Equipment for Mogadis ......

  • Refer Document
  • 23 Aug 2022
  • Somalia
  • 53933087
  • 2,154,369
  • 12 Aug 2022
  • Indonesia
  • 54082514

Veterans Affairs, Department Of Northern America

Tenders Are Invited For Fluoroscopy Beds

  • Refer Document
  • 12 Aug 2022
  • United States
  • 54096597

Dept Of Defense Northern America

Tenders Are Invited For Shoring Deck

  • Refer Document
  • 12 Aug 2022
  • United States
  • 54096602
  • Refer Document
  • 12 Aug 2022
  • United States
  • 54096604

Homeland Security, Department Of Northern America

Tenders Are Invited For Fema Durable Medical Equipment (Dme)

  • Refer Document
  • 12 Aug 2022
  • United States
  • 54096608

Veterans Affairs, Department Of Northern America

Tenders Are Invited For Oc Sensor Diana Analyzer For Vapahcs

  • Refer Document
  • 12 Aug 2022
  • United States
  • 54096614

Dept Of Defense Northern America

Tenders Are Invited For Brush Sander, Power

  • Refer Document
  • 12 Aug 2022
  • United States
  • 54096615
  • Refer Document
  • 12 Aug 2022
  • United States
  • 54096642

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Water and Sanitation


Public Procurement and Property Authority Ethiopia

Ethiopia Public Procurement System Strengthening Project

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Procurement News

They anticipate that it will be completed around July 2023

In a tour of the more than 250 km that separate Concordia from Paraná, we were able to observe the state of progress of the works, in the 4 sections (one of them ended) in which they divided this important corridor. We also had a conversation with the head of the UOCRA, Walter Doronzoro, who assured that according to his experience and what has been discussed with the companies that build this road corridor, the highway could be completed by July or August of next year. There are 450 workers working in the 5 or 6 contracted companies. The other significant fact is that, despite the crisis, inflation, etc., the works did not stop at any time. The difference with the 4 years of Mauricio Macris government is more than eloquent. During those 4 years the only thing that grew were the weeds that were covering what had already been built. DETAILS In section 1, that is, just leaving Paraná, the two companies in charge of it are Cartellone and Lossi, which have a workshop in Viale and yesterday they worked on several sections of that road. There and according to the data provided by Doronzoro, there are 150 workers who report. The second section that goes from Las Tunas to Villaguay is in charge of the CPC and Rovella Carranza companies and has the most complicated part of the work, so it is suspected that this section would be one of the last. Here they report 160 workers. The third section is in charge of the SACDE group with 100 workers under its charge and it is the part that goes from Villaguay to San Salvador that, as is known, from there the highway is finished and is known as the fourth section. THE REPAVEMENT Doronzoro clarified that due to inconveniences related to soil erosion, several parts of this finished work (that is, the 4th section) began to crack, so it is already being resurfaced. In fact, it was observed yesterday by DIARIOJUNIO. EXPECTATIONS AND THE 4 YEARS OF MACRI As soon as this new government headed by Alberto Fernández began, the public works restarted their investment plan, including the continuity of the Route 18 highway work that had begun in the government of Sergio Urribarri and was stopped in the 4 years of the macrista government. It is worth saying that in terms of investment in public works in 2015 it represented 2.2% of GDP, at the end of 2019 the reduction was phenomenal, it came to mea Argentina

Electroengineering changed its name: it was renamed Eling Energy

45 years after its foundation, the Argentine company Electroingeniería, dedicated to engineering and construction, was renamed Eling Energía. The new identity goes hand in hand with a process of changes and renovations that the company began in 2019, after the assumption of Juan Manuel Pereyra as president and Carlos Fernando Bergoglio, as vice president, the company from Cordoba reported. “Eling Energía will maintain the values ??that drove it to grow and be one of the leading companies in its field. With notable works carried out in all the Argentine provinces and even in countries such as Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela, the organization always evolves betting on its country”, he indicated. Regarding this transition, the president of Eling Energía stated: "This year we celebrate 45 years of history carrying out engineering and infrastructure works, so we decided to evolve and transform ourselves just like energy does." WHAT IS THE COMPANY UP TO? Made up of national capital, the company is dedicated to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of technology-based enterprises in all branches of construction and services. Its headquarters are in the city of Córdoba and it currently employs more than 4,000 people throughout the country. As reported by the company, in recent months, the company completed and energized a 500 kilovolt Extra High Voltage (EAT) line that connects the Rincón Santa María and Resistencia transformer stations, in the provinces of Corrientes and Chaco. "This work allowed to expand the transmission power from Yacyretá and reinforce the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI), which from now on will be able to face contingencies in the Litoral and Greater Buenos Aires, where 60 percent of the countrys electricity demand is concentrated. ”, he indicated. Currently, its Hydraulic Division is working on the Development of the Santa Cruz River and the Jorge Cepernic and Néstor Kirchner Dams, in the province of Santa Cruz. In addition, the company continues with the operation and maintenance tasks of the Bicentenario Combined Cycle Thermoelectric Power Plant in the town of Pilar in the province of Córdoba. The plant was built by the company from Cordoba and today provides 465 MW of power to the national interconnected system. Among the main works completed throughout its 45-year histor Argentina

Santa Rosa Airport closes on September 1 for works

The Santa Rosa Airport will close on September 1, the scheduled date on which the works will begin and it is estimated that, given the lack of alternatives, La Pampa could be without flights for two months. In the property located on Route 35, one of the companies has already installed equipment. The novelty was anticipated to LA ARENA by airport sources, who indicated that the date set for the start of work will be September 1st. A tour of this newspaper through the local airport revealed that one of the companies, Bauge Construcciones, has already installed two booths and a container inside the property. It is one of the firms in charge of the tasks, and according to what they commented, the other two are Vial Agro and Edessa. As this newspaper had announced, “what is going to be done now is the resurfacing of the runway, the taxiway and the platform. It is an important work, because they are going to remove everything that is there, a well of about 50 centimeters is dug, the earth is compacted, a slab of about 20 centimeters is made and then an asphalt layer of about ten centimeters. The company that won the tender, airport sources indicated at the time, has a deadline of two and a half months to carry out the work. In parallel, another firm will work on changing the lighting wiring. “There is a first stage that the planes will be able to operate, then the airport will be closed because once they remove the asphalt from the runway there are no more possibilities. There the activity will be suspended for approximately two and a half months, “they pointed out. Given the impossibility of Aerolineas Argentinas operating from General Pico, it is presumed that La Pampa will be without flights for two and a half months. Unanswered. On the other hand, two weeks after the request for reports made by the State Prosecutors Office, the Provincial Executive has not yet received responses from the competent agencies on the situation of the General Pico Airport. Given this, the measures to be taken are being analyzed and this week there could be news. Government House sources consulted by LA ARENA confirmed that "there is still no response" from the Regulatory Body of the National Airport System (Orsna) and from Aeropuertos Argentina 2000. Given this, they anticipated that "the measures to be followed in this week". For the time Argentina

They awarded the work to expand the drinking water supply in Ushuaia $1,790M

It is about the construction of a dam on the Grande stream and an aqueduct that will have an extension of 10 kilometers. The works will be financed by ENOHSA, with an investment of more than 1,790 million pesos. USHUAIA.- Governor Gustavo Melella and the representative of the Temporary Union of Companies, made up of Nakon Sur SA and Bassa SA, signed the contract for the construction of a dam on the Grande stream in this city and the execution of an aqueduct that will have an extension of more than 10 kilometers. At Government House, Governor Gustavo Melella received the representative of the joint venture made up of Nakon and Bassa. The construction of the weir will allow for a greater flow to supply the Water Treatment Plant No. 2 and Plant No. 3. It will supply 80% of the demand of the Fuegian capital and will have an investment of more than 1,790 million pesos that will be financed by the National Water Works Entity (ENOHSA). In the signing of the award of the work contract, the Governor was accompanied by the Minister Chief of Staff, Agustín Tita; the Minister of Works and Public Services, Gabriela Castillo and the president of the DPOSS, Cristian Pereyra. The head of the DPOSS stated that it is a large-scale work "where special emphasis is placed on compliance with all environmental standards and will improve the quality of drinking water service in much of the city of Ushuaia." Pereyra indicated that this work foresees the supply to a projected population in about 30 years, “for which impulsion pumps will not be needed since the flow will arrive by gravity, which translates into electricity and maintenance savings; in addition to being raw water in better conditions to be made drinkable, which represents a greater economy in the treatment process”. The official stressed that "we are materializing a work whose original idea is more than 20 years old, promptly promoted by Provincial Water Resources, and that will ensure the water level even in periods of minimum flows." Argentina

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