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Tenders Are Invited For Approving The Plan For Project Contr ......

  • 1,258,640
  • 20 Jul 2022
  • Vietnam
  • 52800324

Dominican Corporation of State Ele...... Caribbean

Tenders Are Invited For Hiring Service For Studies And Desi ......

  • 9,900,000
  • 15 Aug 2022
  • Dominican Republi
  • 52808389

National Council of Free Export Zo...... Caribbean

Tenders Are Invited For Institutional Uniform Preparation

  • 2,000,000
  • 11 Jul 2022
  • Dominican Republi
  • 52808392

National Council of the aging pers...... Caribbean

Tenders Are Invited For Prepaid Fuel Tickets For The Use Of ......

  • 5,250,000
  • 12 Jul 2022
  • Dominican Republi
  • 52808394

Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation ...... Caribbean

Tenders Are Invited For Printing Equipment Rental Service

  • 2,847,723
  • 14 Jul 2022
  • Dominican Republi
  • 52808395

Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation ...... Caribbean

Tenders Are Invited For Rehabilitation Supervision PTAP Nor ......

  • 10,752,000
  • 17 Aug 2022
  • Dominican Republi
  • 52808396


Tenders Are Invited For Regular Diesel Acquisition

  • 3,988,800
  • 11 Jul 2022
  • Dominican Republi
  • 52808404


Tenders Are Invited For Acquisition Of Hiring Fuel Card Ser ......

  • 4,320,000
  • 11 Jul 2022
  • Dominican Republi
  • 52808405

North electric distribution compan...... Caribbean

Tenders Are Invited For Hiring Travel Agency Services For D ......

  • 5,000,000
  • 14 Jul 2022
  • Dominican Republi
  • 52808409

Dominican Institute of Civíl Aviat...... Caribbean

Tenders Are Invited For Acquisition Of Air Conditioning Equ ......

  • 1,085,660
  • 06 Jul 2022
  • Dominican Republi
  • 52808434

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Three bids were submitted for paving from Aldea Santa Rosa to Aldea San Rafael

Offers were opened for the paving work from Aldea Santa Rosa to Aldea San Rafael, Paraná department, which will require an investment of more than 524 million pesos from the province. The execution period is 12 months. Full size The opening of envelopes was carried out with the offers for the paving of the road that connects, in an extension of 6 kilometers, Aldea Santa Rosa with Aldea San Rafael, in the department of Paraná. After opening the envelopes, the Minister of Production, Tourism and Economic Development, Juan José Bahillo, highlighted: “Today is a very important day for both communities. It is a work long in demand by neighbors and producers in the area. These tasks are valued for productive terms but they also have significance in social, educational and health issues that are fundamental for human development”. Referring to the benefits of paving, Bahillo said that “this area is one of the most productive in the province, where the poultry sector is developed. Linking national route No. 12 with Aldea San Rafael is the objective to close a perimeter and give it an infrastructure according to the productive sector to consolidate its growth”, and added: “It should be noted that Governor Bordet decided to give priority to this work through of general income of the province with the budget of Vialidad”. Meanwhile, the administrative director of the Provincial Road Administration (DPV), Alicia Benítez, highlighted: "These villages are related to each other, on the one hand from provincial route No. 32 to Aldea Santa Rosa and by national route No. 12 to San Rafael village. The path between the two was pending. Without a doubt, we are very satisfied with these three companies that presented themselves and now only the study of the economic proposals remains”. The head of Vialidad indicated that this is a first stage, and that accessibility remains from National Route No. 12 to San Rafael. “We are carrying out preliminary studies that the governor asks of us in order to obtain budgets to finish works and thus start others. Undoubtedly, much remains to be done, but it should be noted that many road works are being carried out with provincial and national financing, credits, in short, looking for a way and articulating situations to see where we face these works.” Benítez assured that public works are a catalyst for t Argentina

Three bids were submitted for the Lavalle-Catamarca gas pipeline

Governor Raúl Jalil and the Minister of Water, Energy and Environment, Alberto Kozicki, presided over the act corresponding to the opening of envelopes for the Lavalle – Catamarca Trunk Gas Pipeline Construction work. The work has an official budget that amounts to almost 5 billion pesos. Last year there was a call for tender that was deserted. At that time the budget for the work was $3,000 million. The bidders that presented themselves yesterday were Pablo del Carmen Ojeda SA with an economic offer of $5,788 million, SEMISA SA for $5,731 million and Mega SRL for $4,560 million. It should be clarified that not only the economic offer is considered to determine the winner of the tender, but a detailed background analysis and other technical details that accompany the offer are also carried out. The final decision will rest with the national government. In this sense, Minister Kozicki explained that it will be a gas pipeline of approximately 110 kilometers, starting at 10 inches, connected to the main trunk line, which is on Route 157, in the town of Lavalle. It will cross the towns of Las Cañas, Bañado de Ovanta, Alijilán, Manantiales, Los Altos and descend towards Amadores, to head along National Route No. 38 towards the Capital City, ending at the Felipe Varela roundabout. In this context, he assured that the work period is 24 months and bids that improve said period will be considered. “There will be an exit along the entire route that must be complemented with subsequent works for gas distribution. Currently, in all of Catamarca we have 23% of the population supplied with natural gas. With this, we hope to reach 65% of the population of Catamarca, because the west is still outside the system”, he expressed. The minister pointed out that there is a huge expectation from the provincial government with the completion of this work for which the corresponding agreements were signed with the Nation. "We have the national guarantee in the financing and we hope that the work will be carried out quickly," he specified. Argentina


Tender for the National Route No. 34 Highway, for the Rafaela section (West Variant end) – Ataliva (Route No. 13). The work, which is carried out by National Roads, has an investment of $7,000 million over an extension of 16 kilometers and a term of 24 months. DETAIL OF THE WORK This stretch of work on the RN 34 Highway was removed by the previous management of the original highway contract, which ran from RN 19 to RP 13, passing through Rafaela. With the change of the project to Highway, the previous administration left the Rafaela – Ataliva section without works. The work to be tendered includes: The duplication of the road by the existing trace over 16 km. New bridges (two per hand) on the Calaveras and Penquitas streams. An interchange at the access to Lehmann. A traffic distributor at a different level at the intersection of RN 34 with RP 13. On the route, a return will be incorporated between Lehmann and Ataliva, with two new bridges over the railway area near the intersection with RP 13. Adaptation of the existing road with resurfacing of the road and shoulders. AWARD | ROUTE DUPLICATION OF NATIONAL ROUTE N° 34 – SECTION: RAFAELA BYPASS – EMP. PROVINCIAL ROUTE N°13 Client: NATIONAL ROAD DIRECTORATE Place: Province of Santa Fe Opening date: 04/28/2022 10:00 a.m. Official budget: $ 4,738,676,119 See Tender PRE-AWARDEE: DECAVIAL SAICAC $6,695,298,741.89 More information at Source: Argentina

Huawei will install photovoltaic systems in isolated populations of Peru

An agreement between Huawei Digital Power Peru and the local company Novum Solar will allow isolated communities in the Peruvian Amazon to have electricity from the installation of photovoltaic systems. The agreement, signed within the framework of the LATAM ICT2022 Congress, held in Cancun, Mexico, proposes to bring electrification to isolated populations in Peru, in which the network cannot be installed, either for reasons of lack of infrastructure or impossibility of access . As explained to EFE by the general manager of Novum Solar, Tomas Luy, there are more than 700 localities in Peru that are in this situation. "We are going to seek, through this cooperation and with all our efforts, to provide a better electricity supply to these people," he explained the meaning of the agreement. “We have a long way to go. We still dont have a distributed generation regulation like other countries in Latin America have,” Luy added regarding the regulations in Peru. The LATAM ICT2022 Congress was organized by the Chinese company Huawei, which stands out as one of the worlds leading providers of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure; It also develops an important division of photovoltaic solutions. Huawei and Novum Solar have had an alliance in Peru since 2020, in which the latter acts as the official distributor of Huawei Solar in the South American country. Both companies have already come together, for example, in the installation and start-up, in November of last year, of the first hybrid solar-hydroelectric project carried out in Peru , based on a 1.62 MW solar plant . It should be remembered that Acció also works to bring electricity to isolated rural areas of the country (in the framework of an action that also includes Mexico and Panama), a program known as Luz en Casa Amazonía . Peru

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