Dominican Republic Project Notice - Agreenfi Bagricola: Financing Sustainable Investments In The Agricultural Sector In The Dominican Republic

Project Notice

PNR 63259
Project Name Agreenfi Bagricola: financing sustainable investments in the agricultural sector in the Dominican Republic
Project Detail The project aims to support the Dominican State in the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices and techniques by small and medium producers, and to ensure their financing by strengthening the Bagricola bank. To this end, the objectives of the project are: (i) to promote investments in climate change mitigation and adaptation among producers; and (ii) to strengthen Bagricola so that it can operate according to the best banking standards and thus ensure healthy growth of its credit activities in the agricultural sector. The project, structured by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which will be the lead partner, has 4 components for a total amount of 120 million USD. AFD will participate in the co-financing of each of components 1 to 4 up to 21%, for a total of 25 million USD, and will finance alone, by grant, a component 5 of 300k EUR:
Funded By French Development Agency (AfD),
Sector Administration & Marketing
Country Dominican Republic , Caribbean
Project Value DOP 23,045,723

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Company Name French Development Agency (AfD)
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