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Project Notice

PNR 62350
Project Name NIIF PMF II
Project Detail Mobilize private capital to support the development of India’s private equity and venture capital markets, with an emphasis on emerging, new fund managers investing in sustainable infrastructure projects. DESCRIPTION The National Investment and Infrastructure Fund Limited (NIIF), a quasi-sovereign investment manager backed by the Government of India (GoI), is launching a second Private Markets Fund (PMF II), targeting USD 1.0 billion to invest in infrastructure assets supporting India’s environmental, social and economic priorities. Focused sectors include renewable energy, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, waste management, urban and social infrastructure, technology, and financing and manufacturing activities targeting these sectors and related supply chains. NIIF will continue the strategy of its first private markets fund (PMF I) by leveraging its on-the-ground presence and market intelligence in India. AIIB anchored PMF I (Board approved in 2018) and has been working closely with NIIF in the monitoring of the Bank’s investments. NIIF has demonstrated professional approach and skills in both investment and management of portfolio funds.
Funded By Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
Sector Advertising & Media
Country India , Southern Asia
Project Value INR 125,000,000

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Company Name Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
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