Various Countries Project Notice - UNAIDS Global Council On Inequality, AIDS And Pandemics

Project Notice

PNR 60942
Project Name UNAIDS Global Council on Inequality, AIDS and Pandemics
Project Detail The 2021 UNAIDS Global AIDS Update shows that global HIV targets were missed because of inequalities. These are the same inequalities that fuel AIDS and other pandemics. Tackling inequalities can make a difference. The new Global Council on Inequality, AIDS and Pandemics will garner evidence and engage in political spaces to promote inequality-sensitive policies and solutions to drive the end of AIDS pandemic and help the world to better prepare for and prevent other pandemics. Inequalities are driving today’s pandemics and have been responsible for the world missing the Global AIDS targets. These inequalities are actionable when they are tackled, especially when they are addressed together with social determinants of health alongside biomedical interventions. The UNAIDS Global AIDS Strategy, End Inequalities, End AIDS 2021-2026 led to the adoption of the 2021 commitments in the Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS. Actioning these commitments requires going beyond identifying disparities between groups; it implies understanding the mechanisms of power, policy, and social action through which inequality is generated and maintained in pandemic contexts, so that they can be addressed. UNAIDS has set up up a Global Council on Inequality, AIDS and Pandemics to address this gap. The Council will focus on HIV and AIDS but engage with lessons from other disease areas to advance efforts to understand and build inequalitysensitive pandemic prevention preparedness and response. Objectives Influence an inequality-sensitive policy, planning and service-delivery environment where inequalities can be addressed so that the world can end AIDS and better prepare for and respond to future pandemics.
Funded By United Nations (UN)
Sector Electronics
Country Various Countries , Southern Asia
Project Value AL 300,000

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Company Name United Nations Organization (UNO)
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