Greece Project Notice - Building A Community For The Co-Creation Of Games With High Impact On Innovation, Sustainability, Social Cohesion And Growth

Project Notice

PNR 60027
Project Name Building a community for the co-creation of games with high impact on innovation, sustainability, social cohesion and growth
Project Detail In European society, video games are important both as a cultural and commercial industry and as an important aspect of peoples daily lives. When compared to other economic sectors, the EUs video game market exhibits a rapid growth rate and makes up one-third of the total market value. The overall aim of the i-Game project is to create an accessible open-source game development platform that will facilitate the co-creation of games by diverse actors within different ecosystems of cultural and creative sectors and industries (CCSI), to enhance innovation and to bring positive impact on social cohesion and sustainability. More specifically, i-Game aspires: 1) To engage video game stakeholders of different abilities, expertise, and disciplines, to contribute, learn, share and tap into new innovative and economic opportunities; 2) To provide a collaborative platform with the tools to co-create mobile and virtual reality games by engaging different users, from different backgrounds and sectors; 3) To develop an ethical-design culture in the video game industry; 4) To monitor, assess and manage the impact that the video games have on different sectors, especially targeting culture/museums, creative industries and fashion/textile; 5) To help understand why and how are online games positively impacting people, culture and society and help extract the ingredients necessary for developing a new generation of games targeted to improve people’s well-being. The i-Game partnership, composed by organisations with diversified backgrounds and expertise, reassures the interdisciplinary approach required to address the complex topic of the games’ impact on innovation, sustainability, social cohesion and economic growth. This multi-sectorial and inclusive cooperation shall stimulate an innovative and productive work and inspire cross-fertilisation across perspectives, disciplines and countries, under common European values.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Sector BPO
Country Greece , Western Europe
Project Value EUR 3,999,123

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