Norway Project Notice - Regulation Of ABA Production And Cell Wall Viscoelasticity By The Cell Wall Integrity Maintenance Mechanism

Project Notice

PNR 60025
Project Name Regulation of ABA production and cell wall viscoelasticity by the cell wall integrity maintenance mechanism
Project Detail Recent severe heatwaves and prolonged drought negatively affect agricultural crop fitness and biomass, threatening global food security. Therefore, there is an urgent need to enhance crop resilience against environmental stress to reduce crop loss. The cell wall is of key interest here due to its role as the primary barrier against environmental stress. However, improving crop tolerance via cell wall manipulation remains challenging due to plasticity, which determines the walls ability to alter its shape, composition, and viscoelasticity (stiffness and viscosity). Plasticity seems to be modulated by the cell wall integrity (CWI) maintenance mechanism. A mechanism that continuously monitors the functional integrity of cell walls by utilizing a wide range of CWI sensors to sense damages in the cell wall and initiate wall remodeling. Any impairment in the CWI triggers adaptive responses, including the production of phytohormones. Abscisic acid (ABA) is one of the key phytohormones that regulate plant adaptive responses against abiotic stresses. Although the potential of the CWI maintenance mechanism modulating cell wall plasticity via ABA signaling has been proposed, the underlying mechanism remains largely unexplored. Therefore, investigating interactions between these processes may lead to the development of novel strategies to improve plant tolerance against abiotic stress. In this project, I will investigate the relationship between changes in ABA and cell wall viscoelasticity controlled by the CWI maintenance mechanism. I will also identify and characterize novel components of the CWI maintenance mechanism responsible for the induction of ABA production. Furthermore, the knowledge produced here will facilitate the identification of corresponding orthologs in commercial crops that can be used to develop strategies to improve crop performance.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Country Norway , Northern Europe
Project Value NOK 210,911

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