United States Project Notice - MWSS Station 2-22 Wash Tank Project (Chevron)

Project Notice

PNR 59714
Project Name MWSS Station 2-22 Wash Tank Project (Chevron)
Project Detail Replacing the role of heater treaters in the oil dehydration process We helped Chevron cut operating costs by replacing heater treaters with brand new wash tanks. Chevron came to us with plans for the MWSS Station 2-22 Wash Tank Project, a facilities upgrade that was necessary for supporting efficient operations at the plant. Our objective was to install new wash tanks and ancillary facilities, in an effort to substitute the existing heater treaters at Station 2-22 in Bakersfield, California. The new wash tanks and their ancillary equipment would replace the role of the heater treaters in the oil dehydration process. A transition was required for two reasons. Firstly, new rule requirements mandated the existing heaters to be retrofitted with the next generation of burners, and replacing the system would prevent the need for that. Secondly, the project would reduce overall treating costs at 2-22 by decreasing the costs associated with operating the treaters—primarily, the cost of fuel needed to fire the treaters. Our team would perform the basic and detail engineering, project management, procurement, and construction management services, as well as pre-commissioning and commissioning management. The construction totaled over $3 million and the upgrade was delivered on time and on budget.
Funded By Self-Funded
Country United States , Northern America
Project Value USD 3,200,000

Contact Information

Company Name Stantec
Web Site https://www.stantec.com/en/projects/united-states-projects/m/mwss-station-2-22-wash-tank-project-chevron

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