United States Project Notice - Northbound On-Ramp At Bakerview - Improvements

Project Notice

PNR 46224
Project Name Northbound On-Ramp at Bakerview - Improvements
Project Detail WSDOT will add a second northbound I-5 on-ramp on the east side of the freeway at the Bakerview Road interchange to increase access from the eastside of the area. The existing ramp on the west side will remain for those heading northbound approaching from the west. The addition of this ramp will reduce westbound trips across the West Bakerview Road bridge. Changes to the current configuration will also provide more room for eastbound travelers. Timeline December 2020 - Fall 2021 Project status Construction Funding $10.9 Million
Funded By Self-Funded
Country United States , Northern America
Project Value USD 10,914,000

Contact Information

Company Name Washington State Department of Transportation
Address RB McKeon Communications 360-757-5963 Rayanne.McKeon@wsdot.wa.gov Melissa Ambler Project Engineer 360-778-7406 Melissa.Ambler@wsdot.wa.gov
Web Site https://wsdot.wa.gov/construction-planning/search-projects/i-5-northbound-ramp-bakerview-improvements

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