Egypt Project Notice - 46259

Project Notice

PNR 46259
Project Name Egypt: Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Recovery DPF Program
Project Detail The Program’s objective is to support inclusive growth for a sustainable recovery by: (a) enhancing macro-fiscal sustainability, (b) enabling private sector development and (c) fostering women’s economic inclusion. DESCRIPTION The Program is proposed to be supported under the COVID-19 Crisis Recovery Facility (the Facility) of the Bank and co-financed with the World Bank (WB) under the WB’s Policy on Development Policy Financing (DPF). The Program will support the efforts of the Government of Egypt in continuing its policy reforms and mitigate the socioeconomic challenges of the crisis for sustainable recovery through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. To achieve inclusive growth for sustainable recovery, the reforms are organized around three policy pillars: (1) enhancing macro-fiscal sustainability, (2) enabling private sector development, and (3) fostering women’s economic inclusion. The reforms under the Program will not only address long standing structural issues but also help in economic resilience, inclusive growth, social protection and sustainable recovery to prevent long-term damage to the productive capacity of the economy. The Program addresses both the ‘restructuring stage’ focusing on, among others, the recapitalization of firms and financial institutions, and the ‘resilient recovery’ stage which entails taking advantage of new opportunities to build a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient future in a world transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Improved debt management and sustainability, private sector development, as well as higher female labor force participation will enhance the recovery of the Egyptian economy over the medium term.
Funded By Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
Sector Oil & Gas
Country Egypt , Northern Africa
Project Value 660 Million

Contact Information

Company Name Ministry of International Cooperation
Address Sherine Taha Assistant Minister for Cooperation with International Institutions and Economic Research Ministry of International Cooperation
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