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Work Detail To relieve congestion along Hwy. 7, the region is building a bridge over Hwy. 404, linking business areas in Markham and Richmond Hill.

Construction of the four-lane, $50 million bridge over Hwy. 404 north of Hwy. 7 started this spring and is expected to be complete in 2018.

Drivers can expect nighttime closures as work on bridge structure starts.

Earlier this week, construction crews started erecting support beams closing the highway overnight.

“With any major construction project, there will be some disruption,” the region’s manger of engineering Paul Acquaah said.

But the end result will be to alleviate congestion within one of the region’s more densely populated employment areas.

“The new road will serve as a relief valve for congestion on Hwy. 7,” Acquaah said. “The 400-series highway is a barrier. There aren’t many options for drivers.”

The overpass, Norman Bethune Avenue, will connect East Pearce Street in the East Beaver Creek business area in Richmond Hill with the business park on Centurian Drive in Markham.

When it comes to importance to the overall road network, Acquaah relates roads to pipes.

“When you pour water into the pipes, water can only go a certain way,” he said. “You pour more and more water; more and more pressure builds up. To relieve the pressure you put in more pipes.”

Not only is this a relief for drivers but also for pedestrians and cyclists who “have no choice but to use main arteries, which are already quite congested,” Acquaah said.

When complete, Norman Bethune Avenue will feature an on-road bike lane, sidewalks and street lights.

The region is also building a two-way, north-south connection from Hwy. 7 to Norman Bethune Avenue, which will be named later this year.

This gives north-bound Hwy. 404 drivers the option to turn either east or west on to Hwy. 7 or to continue north and bypass Hwy. 7 altogether.

The project also calls for a realignment of the existing northbound on-ramp from Hwy. 7 westbound.

Markham, Richmond Hill and York Region will share the cost of the approximately $50 million project.
Country Canada , Northern America
Industry Construction
Entry Date 15 Oct 2016

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