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PNN 68739
Work Detail GOLDBECK SOLAR and RheinEnergie celebrated the grand opening of the Lärz/Rechlin solar park. The ceremony was attended by official representatives of the state government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and numerous partners from the energy sector. The Lärz/Rechlin solar plant boasts a total capacity of 32 MWp, generating enough clean electricity to power approximately 10,000 households. The installation features 56,800 bifacial Canadian Solar modules spread across over 30 hectares. A key highlight of the project is the integration of a battery storage system from INTILION, with a capacity of 7 MWh, ensuring the availability of electricity even during low solar radiation periods or at night. Notably, around 20 MWp of the system is subsidized under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), enhancing the appeal of the solar system and battery storage combination. This innovative integration underscores the future viability of energy storage solutions. The solar park’s location on the grounds of the Müritz Airpark presented unique planning challenges. As part of the runway remains operational, special requirements from the Federal Aviation Authority, such as glare hazards and distances, had to be addressed. Additionally, the inhomogeneous subsoil, a remnant of former bombing, posed a static challenge, necessitating that the module substructures be anchored 2.5 meters deep. “We at GOLDBECK SOLAR are very pleased about the renewed successful cooperation with RheinEnergie. We are proud to have completed the Lärz/Rechlin solar park on schedule despite the challenges in planning and construction. It makes a significant contribution to the promotion of renewable energies and climate protection. The electricity generated will supply around 10,000 households with green electricity and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The integration of the battery storage system once again underlines the important role of energy storage systems in making the expansion of renewable energies even more efficient and sustainable,” explained Tobias Schüßler, COO of GOLDBECK SOLAR GmbH. The Lärz/Rechlin solar park stands as a testament to the potential of combining solar power with advanced battery storage, paving the way for more efficient and sustainable renewable energy solutions.
Country Various Countries , Southern Asia
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 06 Jun 2024

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