India Procurement News Notice - 64729

Procurement News Notice

PNN 64729
Work Detail Steel Strips Wheels (SSWL) has successfully secured an agreement as a supplier of aluminium wheels to one of the passenger vehicle (PV) manufacturers in India. It is its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering unparalleled value to its customers. Recognised by the OEM as a strategic partner for supply of aluminium wheels besides steel wheels, the company will leverage this opportunity to drive innovation, deepen customer relationships, and solidify its position. For SSWL, securing this deal positions it well to capitalise on this growing demand for premium automotive components. The strategic partnership strengthens SSWL’s position as a key player in the evolving automotive industry, particularly within the high-growth alloy wheel segment. SSWL has traditionally been known for manufacture and supply of steel and alloy wheel rims for global and local automobile makers. This agreement marks a strategic shift towards the high-value alloy wheel market. Alloy wheels offer benefits such as lighter weight, improved fuel efficiency, and enhanced aesthetics, which are sought after by car manufacturers and consumers.
Country India , Southern Asia
Industry Automotive
Entry Date 17 Apr 2024

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