Argentina Procurement News Notice - 63995

Procurement News Notice

PNN 63995
Work Detail The Undersecretariat of Water Resources dependent on the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Services of the Province of Buenos Aires, through the Provincial Directorate of Hydraulics, carried out the tender for the work “Construction of railway and road bridges in the Salado River Basin, in the jurisdiction of the Lobos and 25 de Mayo parties”, whose official budget is $6,492,770,818.63 and a total of 12 offers were presented. Through this work they will build a railway bridge and another road bridge to replace the existing ones. The current railway bridge is located on the General Roca Railway tracks, Lobos – 25 de Mayo Section, Km 144+200 between the Ernestina – Elvira stations. While the highway bridge runs adjacent to the tracks and is located on road 109-07, within the 25 de Mayo district, and 062-05, Lobos district, of the Highway Directorate of the Province of Buenos Aires, joining the towns of Ernestina and Elvira. In this way, the replacement of the railway bridge will be 15 sections of 14.5 meters each, totaling about 217.50 meters in length, and the one corresponding to the road bridge will be 8 sections of 29 meters each, totaling about 232 meters. of length. CONSTRUCTION OF RAILWAY AND ROAD BRIDGES IN THE SALADO RIVER BASIN – PARTIDOS DE LOBO AND 25 DE MAYO Printable version See call for bids Type of Work: Engineering Works Client: MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND PUBLIC SERVICES Location: Province of Buenos Aires Publication date: 04/04/2024 Official budget: $6,492,770,818.63 Bids submitted CONCRET-NOR SA $ 6,998,279,144.31 PELQUE SA – GYC CONSTRUCTIONS SA (UTE) $ 8,395,226,146.67 ECODYMA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SA – BUILD ENGINEERING SA (UTE) $ 10,198,867,082.69 SABAVISA SA – SUPERCEMENT SAIC – CENTER CONSTRUCTIONS SA (UTE) $10,800,225,857.16 COARCO SA – POSE SA (UTE) $11,189,805,399.03 ELEPRINT SA – INSA SA (UTE) $11,505,745,128.44 JOSE J. CHEDIACK SAICA $11,530,000.00 0, 00 LEMIRO PABLO PIETROBONI SA – NORVIAL ARG SA (UTE) $11,755,114,756.53 VIAL-TEC SA $11,945,472,039.41 NIRO BUILD SA $12,003,060,236.75 MARTINEZ Y DE LA FUENTE SA $13,107,641. 476.83 LUCIANS SA – FONTANA NICASTRO SA (UTE) $14,292,727,934.97
Country Argentina , South America
Industry Construction
Entry Date 09 Apr 2024

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