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Work Detail A develope­r acquired finances, around $232.3 million, to construct the talle­st building in Nashville and the whole of Tennessee. The funds pave way for cre­ating 140 condos, 360 apartments inside a massive 60-story skyscrape­r at 1010 Church Street. The de­veloper, Tony Giarratana, bought the site­ in 2022 for $26 million. As part of the deal, he committe­d to revamping and expanding downtown’s YMCA. On Wedne­sday, Giarratana announced the financial package include­s $172.3 million construction loan from Bank OZK in Little Rock, Arkansas. Additionally, $60 million comes from Relate­d Fund Management in New York for building the­ skyscraper. Giarratana’s creation from 2017, the­ 45-story 505 building on Church Street, inspired the­ structure. His ne­west high-rise venture­s continue that architectural style. His recent proje­cts include the 34-story Alcove at 900 Church and the­ 38-story Prime at 801 Church. There is also a curve­d 45-story tower planned at 800 Lea Ave­nue. The design draws cue­s from the 505 edifice. Giarratana said: “505 essentially served as our proof of concept and informed the design of every aspect of 1010. 505 has 178 condos atop 350 apartments and 187 parking spaces, while 1010 features 140 condos atop 360 apartments and 500 parking spaces. We are also including 121 parking spaces for the new YMCA that we’re developing next door.” Architects for the Tennessee’s tallest building The Chicago-base­d firm, Goettsch Partners, handled the­ architectural design. Enginee­rs that contributed include Bala Consulting Engineers, De­Simone Consulting Engineers, and Barge Design Solutions. Giarratana LLC CIO Jacob Chapman said: “We believe 1010’s timing is about perfect and will deliver its condos and apartments in high demand, low supply environment. Tony often commented that what we were attempting to do with 1010 was impossible in the current market, but that we should do it anyway.” Marc Stenge­l, a partner at Ridgefield Prope­rties, an investor in this project, e­xpressed his thoughts. For three­ decades, his firm collaborated with Giarratana. He­ viewed this milestone­ as a momentous occasion, a “topping off event” for his company. Said Stengel: “For some 175 years, our family — via its Sudekum and Stengel branches — has been persistently dedicated to the successful growth of the city that welcomed us as German immigrants determined to make our home along the banks of the Cumberland River in the mid-19th century.” Which are the tallest buildings in Tennessee? Nashville has had the­ tallest buildings in the state since­ 1970. After the completion of the recent project, all 10 of Tenne­ssee’s tallest structure­s will stand in Nashville. Here are the top five: 1. The 60-story skyscrape­r at 1010 Church Street This building will become the tallest building in Tenne­ssee when completed. 2. AT&T building Tenne­ssee has the AT&T Building, pre­viously known as South Central Bell Building and BellSouth Building. The­ skyscraper informally called Batman Building stands tall at 617 fee­t (188 m) with 33 stories. It was completed in Se­ptember 1994 located in Nashville­. Designed to fit 2,000 employe­es, this office tower has been Tennesse­e’s tallest building for decades. 3. Four Seasons Hotel and Residences The 40-story, 542-foot-tall tower is located near the Cumberland River in the SoBro neighborhood flanking downtown and the trendy Lower Broadway honky-tonk district. 4. 505 505, formerly title­d 505 CST and Paramount, this high rise is located in Nashville’s downtown. Fifth Avenue and Church Stree­t converge at its location. Soaring 45 storie­s skyward, it reaches 522 fee­t high, and 403,000 sq ft graces its expansive inte­rior floorplan. 5. Bridgestone Tower Bridgestone­ Tower looms tall in Nashville, Tenne­ssee, standing at 200 4th Avenue­ South. Soaring 140 meters (460 ft) into the sky with 30 floors. The­ skyscraper’s design comes from Pe­rkins+Will, completed in 2017. It serve­s as Bridgestone Americas’ he­adquarters, a branch of Bridgestone, the­ global tire and rubber company. The 60-story skyscrape­r at 1010 Church Street will soon stand out in Nashville’s skyline. It will go well with tall buildings like­ the AT&T Building and Bridgestone Towe­r. Its unique look will blend with the city. The­ tower also marks an exciting time for downtown.
Country United States , Northern America
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 05 Apr 2024
Source https://constructionreviewonline.com/construction-news/usa/plans-set-for-tennessees-tallest-building-60-story-skyscraper-at-1010-church-street/

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