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Procurement News Notice

PNN 63296
Work Detail Arctech announced in a statement that it has recently signed a contract for the 500MW Manah I power plant project in Oman, following its successful bid for the 588MW Manah II PV project in Oman earlier in 2023. This consecutive project win showcases Arctech’s customized solutions tailored for the Middle East’s desert regions as well as its strong global competitiveness. With Oman’s rapid growth in power demand in recent years, the government plans to achieve 20% renewable energy consumption by 2030 and raise it to 35%-39% by 2040. The Manah I and II projects are key to accelerating Oman’s energy transition and an important practice for Arctech in pursuing Belt and Road cooperation. The Manah I project, with 640MW capacity, is located in Oman’s Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate. Affected by the tropical desert climate, the area is frequently impacted by extreme weather like heavy rain, strong winds, and sandstorms. The complex terrain with depressions also presents a need for high requirements on tracker stability and terrain adaptability. The project adopted Arctech’s flagship 1P SkyLine II tracker. With its multi-point drive mechanism and patented triple D torque tube, SkyLine II greatly enhances system stability under desert wind loads. The tracker’s wind stow speed reaches 22m/s. Meanwhile, the highly stable torque tube allows a post span of up to 10m, reducing post quantities by around 20% and lowering civil work costs. To enhance system adaptability and power generation efficiency, Arctech provided customer-centric customized solution designs optimized for the Manah I project’s needs. For the undulating terrain with depressions, four different module heights were customized to better adapt to the site’s topography. To boost energy yields, the tracker-bifacial module combination creates a synergistic 1+1>2 effect. Additionally, the purlins underwent bearing capacity optimization for better cleaning robot compatibility, minimizing soiling losses and boosting generation performance.
Country Oman , Western Asia
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 01 Apr 2024

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