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PNN 60478
Work Detail nsequent impact on the work continuity of active workers and the absence of management and valid interlocutors on the part of the national Executive Branch, which ignores of the problems that affect our industry - they pointed out against Caputo, who absorbed the missing and fleeting Ministry of Infrastructure, headed by the fired Guillermo Ferraro. This situation occurs in the context of an abrupt and generalized fall in economic activity, it is aggravated in our industry by the reluctance of the business sector to agree on a fair and sufficient salary recomposition that preserves purchasing power, in the face of sustained inflation that particularly punishes our workers without having other tools to face such a critical situation other than the increase in their income,” the union pointed out, after the 20% increase it achieved in January. “In the last two months, 50,000 direct jobs and more than 100,000 indirect jobs have been lost in our sector as a result of the definancing and consequent paralysis of public works in progress by the current government, a situation that puts continuity at serious risk. labor of a large part of the construction activity,” calculated Uocra, below Camarcos estimate. “Private work has not yet reached levels of activity that compensate for the drastic decline and nothing indicates that private works will finally replace the role and state financing in public infrastructure. It is unacceptable that the national government does not take responsibility for the economic, labor and social consequences of its own government measures; that does not call for social dialogue and puts at risk legal security in terms of investment in public works, affecting the urgent demands for economic and social development of all regions of our country,” concluded the union led by Gerardo Martínez. In recent days there has been news of paralyzed works: The National Highway Directorate has stopped almost all projects. In the province of Buenos Aires, the Chacabuco variant of route 7, the Presidente Perón highway, the transformation of a section of route 3 into a highway, patching and minimum maintenance work on the section of national route 33 between the towns of Piedritas and Rufino. In Cordoba, the Villa María ring road, the Río Cuarto-Holmberg and San Francisco-Córdoba highways and the Laboulaye area section of route 7. In Santa Fe, works on national routes 7, 9, 11, 33 and 34. Not only the Buenos Aires routes stop. Governor Axel Kicillof warned that 1,000 works are on pause. The governor of Neuquén, Rolando Figueroa, admitted that “without contributions from the national government” his province has “around US$200 million in debt from works in progress that have been paralyzed.” In Tierra del Fuego, the provincial government estimated that initiatives worth $30,000 million in roads, the environment and housing were stopped. On the other side of the country, in Misiones, progress was stopped with works on roads, bridges, drinking water, sewers, hospitals and schools. These are just some examples that are repeated in each province.
Country Argentina , South America
Industry Construction
Entry Date 29 Feb 2024

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