United States Procurement News Notice - 59384

Procurement News Notice

PNN 59384
Work Detail ClearGen and King Energy have announced a collaboration, with ClearGen committing more than $150 million to fund King Energy’s solar projects. King Energy’s business model involves real estate owners receiving rent for their rooftops, while tenants and common areas receive renewable power at discounted rates. “At ClearGen, we are more than financiers; we are catalysts for growth,” says Rob Howard, CEO of ClearGen. “Empowering partners with efficient capital to source new customers and aggressively grow their business is our goal. King Energy’s ability to overcome historical challenges in multi-tenant assets showcases their market leadership. We are grateful to John and the King Energy team for choosing ClearGen as their financing partner.”
Country United States , Northern America
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 09 Feb 2024
Source https://solarindustrymag.com/cleargen-king-energy-partner-to-power-multi-tenant-real-estate-solar

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