Germany Procurement News Notice - 57807

Procurement News Notice

PNN 57807
Work Detail RWE’s Agri-PV plant in Germany combines crops and solar power. It is currently supplying green electricity after a swift five-month construction. The demonstration site on recultivated land at Garzweiler mine will also conduct vital research on the synergy between solar power and agriculture over at least five years. With three Agri-PV concepts, including movable solar modules, the project aims to develop cultivation methods. The first has fixed, vertically mounted solar modules. The second utilizes movable modules following the sun’s path, enhancing photovoltaic yield. Initial cultivation includes alfalfa, broad beans, and forage grass, with plans for cereals, sugar beets, and more in subsequent years. Harvesting machines have ample space between module rows. The third concept elevates modules like a pergola, allowing cultivation of plants like raspberries. The project monitors the interaction between plant growth and photovoltaic technology across diverse seasonal conditions over the years. The peak capacity is 3.2 MW, funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for climate protection and the energy transition. Diverse crops and technical solutions demonstrate the harmonious integration of power generation and agriculture.
Country Germany , Western Europe
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 24 Jan 2024

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