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PNN 5638
Work Detail Residents of Bogra are compelled to buy liquefied petroleum (LP) gas cylinders from private companies counting extra money, as the government has stopped supplying the gas for last 15 days after a fire incident at district oil depot.

Dalia Nasreen Rikta, a resident of Bogra town, said: “I need a gas cylinder immediately, but there is no government gas cylinders in the market thus I need to buy private companies’ cylinder with extra price.”

Rashed Sultan Jewel, hailing from Katnarpara area of Bogra town, told The Dhaka Tribune that after failing to buy BPC’s gas cylinder he had bought a cylinder of Jamuna Company at Tk1000.

“Taking the advantage of the situation, some unscrupulous dealers with the help of Bogra LPG depot officials and gas lifters of Baghabari depot of Sirajganj have started selling expired gas cylinders which may cause serious accident in the residential houses,” said Ahsanur Rashid Dablu, convenor of Rajshahi Divisional LP Gas Distributor Association to Dhaka Tribune.

Dablu alleged that Bogra LPG depot officials were plotting a conspiracy to close the depot so that a gas lifter syndicate might get benefit from the crisis of gas.
Despite several alerts about the adverse effect of expired cylinders, state owned Padma, Meghna and Jamuna oil companies had continued expired gas cylinders supplying to Bogra depot which caused a devastating fire on August 20 at Bogra Depot during unloading gas cylinders from a lorry, Dablu added.

On August 21, around 200 liquefied petroleum gas cylinders of Padma Oil Company Limited exploded during unloading the cylinders from trucks at Sujabad of Shahzadpur.
Following the incident, the BPC ordered to halt gas cylinders supply from the depot apart getting security pass from Explosive Department.

After BPC’s order to shutdown the Bogra depot, dealers of the area have started bringing cylinders from Baghabari depot in aim to supply in 14 Northern region districts.
Dablu said: “Locals have been buying gas cylinders of Cleanhit, Bashudhara, Jumana, Omera and Total by tk1000 where government’s cylinder’s price is only Tk678 to Tk800.”

“Officials of three state owned companies with the help of gas lifters of Baghabari depot trying to close the Bogra depot,” told Dablu to The Dhaka Tribune.
Officials also pressured dealers to buy cylinders from Baghabari depot which will cost TK40 lakh extra, alleged Dablu.
He also warned that if authorities do not reopen the depot within very short time then he will take legal actions against the depot officials.
Denying the allegation of giving illegal advantage to the gas lifters, Assistant General Manager of Padma Oil Company of Bogra depot Omar Faruque said: “We have already sent a requisition chart for fire extinguishers to the Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) and we will reopen the Bogra depot immediately after getting the required equipments.”
Country Bangladesh , Southern Asia
Industry Oil & Gas
Entry Date 15 Oct 2016

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