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PNN 51059
Work Detail The 5 kWh battery solution uses Ecoflows photovoltaic coupling technology which reportedly ensures easy connection to existing solar panels. The new product features an output voltage range of 150-800V. North American manufacturer Ecoflow has launched a “retrofit” residential battery solution that it claims can be easily integrated with existing rooftop PV systems. “Unlike conventional DC or AC coupled battery systems, PowerOcean DC Fit uses EcoFlow’s PV coupling technology to connect directly to existing home solar systems on the PV side, meaning users do not need install additional storage inverters,” the manufacturer said in a statement. The battery uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) as the cathode material and is based on a self-adaptive algorithm which, according to the manufacturer, makes the system compatible with most existing single-phase and three-phase solar inverters already used in existing photovoltaic installations. “Using EcoFlows exclusive photovoltaic coupling technology, PowerOcean DC Fit connects its batteries directly to solar panels. Users can leave the AC wiring as is and do not have to apply for a grid connection permit,” the company stated. The storage system measures 680mm x 183mm x 479mm and weighs 59.2kg. It has a capacity of 5 kWh and is expandable to 15 kWh. It also features an output voltage range of 150-800V and a maximum output current of 20A. The new product is IP65 rated and reportedly has a life cycle of more than 6,000 cycles. “Each battery pack is connected in parallel and equipped with EcoFlow BMS (Battery Management System) to prevent problems with one battery from affecting other packs,” the manufacturer said, noting that the new product comes with a 15-year warranty. years.
Country United States , Northern America
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 19 Oct 2023
Source https://www.pv-magazine-latam.com/2023/10/18/ecoflow-lanza-bateria-residencial-readaptada-con-tecnologia-de-acoplamiento-fotovoltaico/

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