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PNN 49043
Work Detail PPG’s powder coating facility in Sumaré, Brazil, recently saw a 40% increase in production capacity thanks to an investment of $2.7 million. This month, the unit is expected to be fully operational. Currently, the plant has new, advanced, highly automated equipment, improving process control and quality. It also reduces setup time for colour matching as well as production. It is said that the investment seeks to meet the rising demand for powder coatings from local producers of electrical equipment, agricultural machinery, transportation, and other industries. They require these coatings for items, including steel furniture, storage structures, gym equipment, and electrical panels, as well as transformers. The aim of the investment The expansion was announced earlier this year as part of PPG’s latest global investment. This investment aims to improve five powder coating manufacturing plants. The goal is to meet the growing customer demands for more sustainable products in Latin America and the U.S. As one of the coating technologies with the fastest growing global market share, powder coatings were also noted by Marizeth Carvalho. He is the General Manager for Latin America South and the Global Business Director for PPG. PPG is committed to meeting the increasing global demand. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are not contained in powder coatings. VOCs are also entirely recoverable. Accordingly, a powder that is not deposited on a substrate during application may be used again in the painting system. As a result, it reduces waste while helping PPG and its clients reach their sustainability goals. How many manufacturing plants are owned by PPG? PPG has 21 manufacturing plants for powder coatings. They include one for powder resin, one for research and development, and one for a global centre of excellence. The PPG ENVIROCRON High Transfer Efficiency (HTE) and PPG ENVIROCRON Extreme Protection Edge are two examples of the company’s innovative powder coating advancements.
Country Brazil , South America
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 20 Sep 2023

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