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Procurement News Notice

PNN 46335
Work Detail It will have a budget of 1,000 million pesos and will benefit more than 200 thousand inhabitants. After the agreement signed between the Government of Mendoza and the Ministry of Public Works of the Nation, in May Aguas Mendocinas will tender one of the most important works of the last 30 years for the province. It involves the renovation and comprehensive adaptation of the Godoy Cruz sewerage collection networks (Central-basin transfer collector). The work is within the Master Plan prepared by the Mendoza company that contemplates the needs of the sanitation service of Greater Mendoza. The plan has considered population growth, land use, municipal urban planning and the driving capacity of the main sewer collectors. With a budget of more than 1,000 million pesos and an approximate execution period of 720 days, the work will consist of: • An extension of 6,887 meters of pipes with a diameter of 600-900 millimeters (planning to use GRP -fiberglass-reinforced plastic- or HDPE -high-density expanded polyethylene- cross-linked pipe) and which will allow the effluents to be drained from approximately 2,100 hectares. . • Renew a total of 17,803 meters of sewage networks; 13,355 meters of drinking water distribution pipes; the execution of approximately 1,115 household sewer reconnections; 123 new connections to the sewage system and 1,197 home reconnections to the drinking water system. • The work on this collector-relief valve will be carried out in a purely urban area. The completion of this work, which will benefit more than 228,000 inhabitants of the West of Greater Mendoza, will allow: • Address the growth and urban densification of the western and central areas of Godoy Cruz and the 5th Section of the City of Mendoza. • Anticipate the impact that large-scale housing developments will generate on the sewage system: the Godoy Cruz Hippodrome and the railway property in the City of Mendoza. • Take advantage of idle treatment capacity at the Campo Espejo Treatment Plant. • Reconfigure the sewage sub-basins based on hydraulic capacity up to maximum collectors with sufficient conduction capacity. AWARD | INTEGRAL RENOVATION OF DOMESTIC DRINKING WATER CONNECTIONS – GRAN MENDOZA Client: AYSAM SA AGUA Y SANEAMIENTO MENDOZA SA Place: Province of Mendoza Opening date: 07/28/2023 2:00 p.m. Official budget: $ 0 See Tender -Deserted-
Country Argentina , South America
Industry Water & Sanitation
Entry Date 11 Aug 2023

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