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Procurement News Notice

PNN 45588
Work Detail The work consists of doubling the road between kilometers 104 and 124, which will optimize the connection of the northeast of the province of Buenos Aires with the center and south of the country. The project requires an investment of more than $11,600 million by the national government. The Ministry of Public Works, through National Highway, continues with the transformation into a highway of National Route 5 in the section that extends from the city of Mercedes to the beginning of the Suipacha Variant. The tasks consist of duplicating the road along 20 kilometers with an investment amount of more than $11,600 million pesos by the national government. In this context, the general administrator of Vialidad Nacional, Gustavo Arrieta, stated: "This project is extremely important because it will improve road safety, streamline circulation and reduce travel times in a section that has a high volume of heavy traffic, as a result of of the agricultural and industrial activity that takes place in the region”. “It should be noted that the work to transform RN 5 into a highway was included in the failed Public Private Participation scheme (PPP) created by the previous government administration. The current administration began the processes to terminate those contracts with private companies and proceed to new tenders, thanks to the commitment and decision of President Alberto Fernández, Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the Minister of Public Works, Currently the work is focused on the construction of culverts, the clearing of land and the preparation of the base of the seat for embankments together with the loading of the same in the sectors of the future left collector. At the same time, on the right main roadway, the loading of embankments and the execution of subgrades are carried out. Finally, in the new Saladillo bridge, the first part of the abutments that link the pile foundation with the upper structure was executed. The new motorway contemplates the duplication of the carriageway parallel to the existing one, with two directions of traffic per hand. Likewise, five concrete bridges will be built at the crossings with the Hinojo streams –Km 108.3–, Ranchos –Km 114.3– and Saladillo –Km 121.6–, as well as at the intersection with the two existing distributors in this section, on the local road located at Km 120.1 and at the access to the railway station of the town of Manuel García –Km 110.9–. It should be noted that the initial project, foreseen in the PPP scheme, underwent a modification regarding the location of the distributor in the neighboring street of Km 120.1. This is due to the fact that there were ancient and large trees in the area that must be preserved for their landscape and environmental value. In addition, the stabilization of collectors in the areas of vehicle circulation was included, and highway entrance and exit branches were added at Km 106.3 to facilitate access to the areas frontiers. Through the West Access, RN 5 connects the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires with the city of Santa Rosa, capital of the province of La Pampa. In addition, it is one of the gateways to Argentine Patagonia. In turn, the transformation of RN 5 into a highway is extremely important for the northeastern region of the province of Buenos Aires, whose inhabitants will directly benefit from the improvements in safety and traffic conditions in this corridor. This work optimizes the passability of heavy transport in the face of the intense agricultural and industrial activity that takes place in the region and will reduce logistics costs, boosting the economies of the area.
Country Argentina , South America
Industry Construction
Entry Date 01 Aug 2023

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