Ecuador Procurement News Notice - 42573

Procurement News Notice

PNN 42573
Work Detail Empresa Eléctrica Quito (EEQ), within the framework of a program that promotes access to solar energy for vulnerable families, is organizing the delivery of equipment in rural areas of Quito. A program promoted by the Ecuadorian Empresa Eléctrica Quito (EEQ) aims to reach up to 400 families in rural areas far from the Metropolitan District of Quito. The project seeks to provide photovoltaic systems made up of three solar panels, 130 W each, mounted on a three-meter-high galvanized steel support. The equipment is capable of supplying six light bulbs, and electrical appliances such as a radio, a television, a blender, and a small refrigerator. To access this service, these requirements must be met: live in the property permanently, away from the electricity grid, have the property title, a copy of the identity card and fill out an application. Once the information is completed, EEQ technicians carry out an inspection to verify the feasibility and proceed with the installation, the client signs the electric power supply contract where their responsibilities and those of the Company are established. Interested parties can contact any agency of the Company for more information, send an email to Alóag, Calacalí, Checa, Lloa, Nono, Puéllaro, Pedro Vicente Maldonado, San Miguel de Los Bancos, San José de Minas, are some of the sectors where the EEQ has installed photovoltaic systems since 2012, benefiting almost three a thousand people.
Country Ecuador , South America
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 16 Jun 2023

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