Argentina Procurement News Notice - 42509

Procurement News Notice

PNN 42509
Work Detail From the Civic Center it was confirmed that on Tuesday the 30th the expansion and remodeling work of JIN 2 in the town of General Pico will be tendered. The official budget is $169,882,186 and the delivery period is 240 days. The expansion project of the JIN Nº 2 Kindergarten, which is located on the grounds of Elementary School 26, on streets 2 and 9 of the city of General Pico, responds to the specific need to solve the problem of demand in terms of educational. The objective is to complete six rooms with their respective sanitary nuclei, kitchen, meeting room and multipurpose room, according to the projected enrollment. The proposal consists of expanding two rooms after the existing ones and another two towards the opposite side, leaving the multipurpose room in between. In this way, it is guaranteed that all the rooms can have orientation and expansion towards the northeast. With respect to the room, it is proposed to expand the surface and thus cover the space necessary for registration. In turn, the current kitchen area is remodeled and expanded so that it covers the expected demand. The current Management - Library area will also be remodeled to convert it into a meeting room, storage room, secretariat and accessible restroom. CONSTRUCTION CHARACTERISTICS The works will continue with the existing guidelines, hollow brick walls with plastering, completion of exterior plastic cladding and sloping sheet metal roof providing drainage from such skirts to a hidden gutter. The transitions between the new and the existing will be made with slabs with hollow bricks and prestressed joists for circulation and rooms. In the case of the multipurpose room, a cover will be made with h° shap-type prestressed tiles. The carpentry will be made of white aluminum according to the Carpentry Plan. The rooms will have a rubber floor, each one with a different color as identification, even the existing ones will have this type of floor. The rest of the garden will have a granite floor of identical dimensions and aspect to the existing one. The ceilings will be made of removable thermo-acoustic plates in rooms and of the monolithic type of plaster rock plates and galvanized profiles in the rest of the extension. The expansions of the rooms will have a portico as a gallery materialized with partitions and slab. The floors will be made of tiles and will have a paint treatment with specific game designs. In addition, the leaks caused through the existing roof gutters will be repaired, the current hall ceiling will be replaced with a new one, and surfaces affected by humidity will be painted and conditioned. Thermal conditioning will be done by complementing the current heating system with radiators and cooling units will be installed in rooms and offices as an alternative for cooling the rooms. The furnishing of each room and premises is proposed. The covered area to be built is 458 m², the area to be fully refurbished is 346.90 m² and the area to be intervened only with paint is 90.80 m².
Country Argentina , South America
Industry Construction
Entry Date 16 Jun 2023

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