Argentina Procurement News Notice - 42469

Procurement News Notice

PNN 42469
Work Detail The Directorate of Highway Administration of the Province of Buenos Aires tendered the work for the Rehabilitation of the roadway, widening and construction of paved shoulders of the Provincial Route No. 51 Productive Road Corridor, in the districts of Bahía Blanca and Coronel Pringles. With an investment of more than $7.800 million, the Province continues to improve a highway that stands out for being one of the longest provincial corridors, crossing the Buenos Aires territory from north to south. The works to be carried out consist of the widening and resurfacing of the existing road and the construction of third circulation lanes for heavy traffic. In addition, the construction of vehicle docks and the widening of a bridge over the Sauce Grande River are planned. Provincial Route No. 51 is characterized by being a fundamental connection route between provincial and national routes with which it communicates, such as National Routes 9, 8, 7, 5, 205 and 226. It is a type of productive port corridor, specifically in the Bahía Blanca area; and cement from Olavarría to the junction with Provincial Route No. 86. It has a high flow of trucks that transport stone and cereals, among other inputs and products. “Route 51 is closely linked to production and has intense truck traffic. This work is going to join another section that we are already executing and this has to do with a great commitment from the governor to production”, said the administrator of the Highway, Hernán Y Zurieta.
Country Argentina , South America
Industry Construction
Entry Date 16 Jun 2023

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