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PNN 40676
Work Detail iDM has developed a modular air source heat pump that uses propane (R290) as refrigerant. It can produce between 2 kW and 24 kW of heat and domestic hot water up to a temperature of 70 ºC. A larger version can produce between 10 kW and 50 kW of heat. The heating specialist iDM has presented a new aerothermal heat pump that uses R290 as a refrigerant. It will be available from April 2023. The Austria-based heat pump manufacturer said the new heat pump is designed for retrofit installations and new buildings, including residential homes and hotels. “Like almost all of our heat pumps, the iDM AERO ALM heat pump also works with radiators without any problems,” says iDM on its website. “The deciding factor is selecting the correct outlet size and the right heat pump for the property.” The heat pump can continuously modulate its heat output, controlled by an inverter. It is available in versions with powers between 2 kW and 8 kW, 4 kW and 12 kW, 6 kW and 15 kW, and 10 kW and 24 kW. The Max version has a heat output between 10 kW and 50 kW. “In combination with a variable hourly electricity rate, [iDM AERO ALM] automatically obtains electricity prices for the next day and optimizes consumption, without loss of comfort,” says iDM. "If there is a photovoltaic installation, electricity is preferably consumed when it is available in the installation itself." The smallest version measures 960mm x 1,600mm x 800mm and weighs 240kg. The Max variant measures 1,514mm x 3,748mm x 1,005mm and weighs 996kg. The coefficient of performance (COP) for heating water at 35ºC varies between 4.43 for the 10 kW to 50 kW version and 4.86 for the 10 kW to 24 kW unit. The pumps can supposedly produce hot water up to 70ºC. iDMs Navigator 2.0 energy management software makes it easy to integrate your heat pump with photovoltaic and storage projects. According to the company, some of its functions can be controlled by voice.
Country Austria , Western Europe
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 31 Mar 2023

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