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PNN 25072
Work Detail * Khurshid: The Minister of Commerce right choice for the position of director of "Project Fund" after changes more than once * Kharafi: Kuwait is not the industry will in the absence of support and the Government s focus on other economic sectors * credit: Government adopts curriculum completion paper in its dealings with the sector and the problem In the lack of common dialogue language The Deputy Director General of the Public Authority for Industry Mohammed Al-Adwani, that the success of industrial activity depends largely on the growth of small and medium industries, along with its large counterpart, because of its importance in creating job opportunities. Al-Adwani said that the National Fund for the Welfare and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises plays a big role by financing many of the projects that amounted to 1035 projects in 3 years for the period from January 2016 to January 9, 2019, with a volume of financing of 177.1 million dinars. Support entrepreneurs to contribute to the ongoing development process. Al-Adwani made the remarks at the opening of the National Product Support Forum yesterday, organized by the Kuwait Journalists Association in cooperation with the Federation of Kuwaiti Industries under the slogan "Our Industry is our pride". Diversification of income sources was a strategic government objective, and support for domestic product was a key pillar to that end. He added that the government has put industry in the top of its priorities, in its aspirations for the vision of “New Kuwait 2035”, and adopted the establishment of integrated industrial cities that contain good infrastructure, adequate facilities, health and housing services and commercial services for small and medium enterprises, and worked to provide a legislative structure that allows the issuance of licenses easily . Al-Adwani pointed out that encouraging the local component and supporting Kuwaiti industries and substituting Kuwaiti products as a substitute for foreign imports is a basic objective and orientation of the state.The local industry sector is considered the pillar of the national economy.Therefore, the government has taken important steps to strengthen it to be competitive. Small Projects For his part , Member of Parliament Salah Khurshid on the need for the attention of the Ministry of Trade and Industry with the support and stability of the National Fund for the care and development of small enterprises and medium - sized, calling on the Minister of Trade and Industry to ensure the correct selection of the Director General of the Fund , which has seen more than once a change. He added that there is a large segment of those who took the risk of working in the private sector and risk through the establishment of small projects, to be surprised later that the National Fund for the care and development of small and medium enterprises is still unstable, although the legislative authority found it obliged to establish the fund with a capital of two billion dinars. Khurshid pointed out that the owners of small and medium enterprises faced a big problem by the Central Tenders Committee, after the issuance of a new tender law, which obliged government agencies to allocate a quota of 10% of the projects to owners of small and medium enterprises. Chamber of Commerce and Industry , for his part , he said Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait board member Fahd Jouan that "room" is the organizational entity inclusive of business owners of industrialists and traders, pointing out that the theme of the forum is compatible with the important steps taken by the State during the recent support of the industry He pointed Law No. 74 of 2019 and amending Law No. 49 of 2016 on Public Tenders, which amended the Kuwaiti domestic product in public procurement to 20% Benefits for SMEs. For his part, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Forum Adnan Al-Rashed stressed the interest of the Journalists Association in the industrial sector, as part of the communitys responsibility. Pillar of national income from his part , said Secretary of the Kuwait Society Fund for the Protection of Industrial Property Saad Fajji, the industrial product is a fundamental pillar of the national income, which requires the support and promotion of the industrial sector, for example , if the situation continues as it is to be closed some factories. He hoped that a segment of the graduates would get their role. Chairman of the Kuwaiti Industries Federation, Hussein Al-Kharafi said that the industrial sector is capable of receiving new entrants to the labor market, stressing the importance of supporting the industry not only in diversifying income sources but also The future is not for government jobs but for private sector jobs. Industry Safety Valve Al-Kharafi said that the industry is the safety valve for communities as they are able to absorb the coming to the labor market and employment, but pointed to the lack of support for the industrial sector, such as the attention shown by the government to other economic sectors such as housing and others. He stressed that Kuwait does not have an industrial will, as evidenced by the area of ??Shaddadiyah, which has been allocated 5 million square meters by years ago, but has not been handed over today, adding that the industrial zone Naeem nothing happened despite fifteen years. Al-Kharafi pointed out that the last industrial zone was distributed in the 1970s and was in the Sabhan area. Al-Kharafi commented on the monopoly of some companies inside the local market, saying that the Kuwaiti market is free. Free competition For his part, Chairman of the Competition Protection device management, d. Rashed Shabib Al-Ajmi: The objectives of the Authority are to promote a culture of free competition, raise market performance and stimulate economic development, improve the competitive environment in the national economy, and improve the indicators of the national economy. Al-Ajmi pointed out that the agency is in charge of setting the necessary policies and procedures to protect and strengthen competition, receiving notifications, requests and complaints and taking investigation, research and reasoning procedures, and investigating practices that are harmful to competition. He mentioned that there are 12 cases of practices that are harmful to competition. Harmful to free competition. For his part, MP Ahmed Nabil Al-Fadl criticized the government performance in terms of measuring the economic impact on the industrial sector for adopting a paper achievement approach in its dealings with the sector, explaining that the main problem lies in the separation of government departments each other and the lack of a common dialogue language among us. About local product support We need to know is there a local product? If so, does this product cover the entire market? He pointed out that there are industries that are not absorbed by the domestic market of 4.5 million people and therefore must activate agreements between Kuwait and neighboring countries to open new markets Kuwait Products For his part, Chairman of the Committee on Industry and Labor Chamber of Ahmed phallic that the decision of the Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled Rodan to give preference in price by 15% for products of Kuwait on those or national origin gave satisfaction of local companies, noting that the obstacle is the lack of procurement officials confidence Government agencies with the local product and their preference for the foreign product.
Country Kuwait , Western Asia
Industry Financial Services
Entry Date 23 Nov 2019
Source https://al-seyassah.com/%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B5%D9%86%D8%AF%D9%88%D9%82-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%88%D8%B7%D9%86%D9%8A-%D9%85%D9%88%D9%91%D9%8E%D9%84-1035-%D9%85%D8%B4%D8%B1%D9%88%D8%B9%D8%A7%D9%8B-%D8%A8%D9%82%D9%8A%D9%85%D8%A9177/

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