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Procurement News Notice

PNN 23875
Work Detail The AIMEN construction company of the 5 wells to extract water and end the problem of the Laguna Seca, informed the media that 30 million of the initial budget for that work barely charged a little more than 4 million according to Act No. 2 signed by the architect Ibarra and the company. In the gazette it is noted that Minister Luis Vazquez called for a tender for a budget of 30 million pesos for the completion of works that end the problem of the Laguna Seca and the dust in suspension that every summer puts the Riograds in check , however, the blender had access to what really charged who carried out the construction of three wells to raise water to the lagoon and that amount is just a little over a million pesos as shown in the document we publish in this note. The question is where is the rest of the money because the locks and the canal that would bring water from the Rio Grande to the lagoon were not built, or anything that indicates the bidding document. Price 871,200 pesos up to 50 meters deep. Pump price with all its elements 343,573.45 Price with pump up to 60 meters 1,214,773.45 price per mts surplus 13,068 pesos being 7 meters exceeding 91,776 pesos. That is to say that the total paid does not reach 5 million pesos, so there are still 25 million pesos that were not invested in the work. The Minister of Public Works and Services Luis Vázquez signed the resolution for the call for Tenders in the framework of the “Plan of restoration and hydro-environmental remediation of the Laguna de los Cisnes”. In this sense and by virtue of the serious problems caused by the dust coming from the Laguna Seca in the city of Rio Grande due to the strong winds that plague the area, the Ministry works together with the Ministry of Provincial Security and the Secretariat of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change. With a budget of $ 30 million pesos, this work involves pumping stations, a channel and water level locks and will give a definitive solution to the Laguna Seca through a work plan that will prevent the drying of the same. In this way, this problem will be solved that also affects the health of Rio Grandens. The Blender was in the place and there is no work in the place, no channels, no exclusives, no equipment of any kind. The lagoon is covered with water and the remains of the sand that flies from the place stacked on both sides of the road to Estancia Maria Bethy.
Country Argentina , South America
Industry Financial Services
Entry Date 30 Sep 2019

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