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PNN 15355
Work Detail - Drafting Workshop on drafting Bidders Bidding Report for bidding packages organized on National Bidding Network System (BID). E-HSDT), organized by the Procurement Management Department of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) in Ho Chi Minh City, has attracted a large number of tenderers, contractors as well as state management agencies. On bidding in the southern provinces. Tool to prevent corruption Talking to the Procurement Newspaper, Ms. Le Duong Cam Thuy, Deputy Director of Planning and Investment (MPI) City. Can Tho said, from the beginning of 2018, through the approved contractor selection plan, TP. Can Tho has the number of packages selected through the network much more than the years. "It was a big change. We are delighted that the tenderers as well as the contractors have made a rapid entry into the online bidding process. Compared with traditional bidding, online bidding clearly demonstrates the utility of the bid solicitor and the contractor, particularly the distribution of bidding documents. With a central location, Can Tho wants to become a typical representative of the Mekong Delta region on online bidding, "she said. Represented by Nguyen Phi Dung Construction Joint Stock Company (Tay Ninh province), as a consultant to select multiple tenderers in the province, the company believes in the efficiency and benefits of bidding. via network. "We directly select contractors for online bidding packages and find that they are really effective, which has many benefits for both the tenderer and the contractor. In particular, online bidding helps minimize negative behaviors in bidding, "said Pham Thi Kim Thoa, Director of Nguyen Phi Dung Construction Limited Company. Deputy Director of Procurement Management Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang said online bidding has become an effective tool to fight corruption in bidding. Vietnam is intensifying its online bidding and has received strong support from donors. According to the National Center for Tendering, from the beginning of the year to the end of July, 1818, the number of online tenders increased in comparison with previous years. Specifically, the number of contractors participating in electronic bidding reached 2.67 bidders / bidding packages. In the first six months of this year, the total value of bidding packages for online bidding reached about 18 trillion dong, more than doubling that of 2017 (only 9 trillion dong). The savings rate of online bidding was 9%, higher than direct bidding (7%). The time for selecting contractors for online bidding is 26 - 28 days. At the same time, the contractor selection period for small-scale direct bidding is 32 days. Many hundreds of billions of VND have been selected through the network. Strong determination In the South of Vietnam, the branch of the Electricity Generating Company No. 3 (EVNENCO 3) is considered to have the highest number of contractors participating in the bidding packages. usually ranging from 17 to 18 contractors / bidding packages. A representative of EVNGENCO 3, a subsidiary of EVNCO, said that it was from the active participation of the contractors through its network that the contractors easily access the information. In large numbers, competition is very widespread. "The spread of online bidding for contractors is enormous. It is important that the tenderer is determined to apply online bidding, "the company representative shared. Representatives from Dong Nai Department of Planning and Investment said that the local authorities are serious about asking the tenderers to ensure that 30% of the bidding packages are selected online. Therefore, over the past time, the rate of bidding packages over the network have increased. The southern part of Vietnam also noted that the leading bidder in participating in bidding via online such as Dai Long Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Thinh Phat Cable & Saigon Electric Equipment Joint Stock Company, Tuan An Electric Equipment Joint Stock Company ... At the workshop, contractors have contributed many ideas to improve the National Bidding Network as well as help drafting the Circular on. For some provinces where the rate of bidding packages for selecting low-cost bidders like An Giang, Soc Trang and Ho Chi Minh City are all good, the DPI said that for the benefit of online bidding, In coming time, the provincial Peoples Committee shall issue a detailed plan for implementation. In particular, many localities agree with compulsory measures the investors / bid solicitors must carry out bidding through the network of bidding packages within the quotas, otherwise they will "name the units" with the bidding. online, propose measures to deal with the competent person. Representatives of the Procurement Management Department assert that all opinions will be recorded by the Drafting Board to build the most favorable national bidding network for investors and bidders.
Country Vietnam , South Eastern Asia
Industry services
Entry Date 31 Aug 2018

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