Ukraine Procurement News Notice - 13911

Procurement News Notice

PNN 13911
Work Detail A number of drugs purchased for public money have been sent to the regions. In the near future, these drugs will be available in hospitals. The program "Cancer patients" Dakarbazine - 630 packs Topotecan - 1991 vial. The program "Ideopathic family dystonia" Neurostimulating system for reimplantation for deep stimulation - 3 sets. The program "Oncohematologic patients" Melphalan - 1482 packages ?darubicin - 1100 packs ????????? - 2373 packaging Dakarbazine - 610 packs. Program "Patients with cardiovascular and vascular diseases" Alteplase (50 mg) - 384 vials. In the near future, drugs will be available in hospitals. More information on the supply of drugs - in the section "Orders". Recall that the Ministry of Health purchases medicines within the budget allocated annually to the VRU (in 2016 - UAH 3.4 billion, in 2017 - UAH 5.9 billion, in 2018 - UAH 5.9 billion) . The state budget allocated for the purchase of medicines at the national level, allows to cover an average of 45% of the total volume of needs. For example, the program "Adult Oncology" is financed by 30%, and the program "Childrens Dialysis" is almost 100%. Drug procurement through international organizationsallow us to negotiate special low prices for Ukraine, and thus increase the volume of purchased medicines. If the medicine is available and the hospital for any reason refuses to grant it free of charge, it is necessary to write an application for the name of the chief physician of the medical institution or the local administration / health department, indicating the diagnosis with the results of the analysis or diagnosis confirming the diagnosis, and the necessary preparation. Medical establishments, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health No. 509, are required to disclose information on residues of medicinal products. More information on the supply of drugs - in the section " Orders "
Country Ukraine , Eastern Europe
Industry services
Entry Date 16 Jul 2018

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