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PNN 13740
Work Detail Thats a good thing. Procurement of wastewater tanks must be transparent. Im not sure if this is the case. The TAR General must be the most thorough On June 21, Mr. Sakolsathep Pattirikul, Deputy Governor of Bangkok (BMA)Reveals the fire brigade procurement program distributed to communities, schools, temples, and important government offices. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is currently exploring the need to allocate that. Firefighting Procurement Distributed to Various Areas Happened from the meeting of the community development. And the staff informed the needs of the community. The fire brigade is used to take care of the community. Therefore, the area office surveyed fire extinguishers in various areas. It can also be used effectively. Or how much is needed to change. Supply of fire extinguishers This is a project that Bangkok has been purchasing since 2011. Now, they know the problem of purchasing fire extinguishers. Some of the explosions. I do not have the power to use it fully. So in the next purchase, determine And quality assurance. To be able to use it is effective throughout the life. Mr. Sakol said that for the price of black tank fire in Bangkok will be purchased as two types of firefighting tanks: 1. Red dry chemical fire extinguishers, 1,600 baht per tank and 2. Liquid chemical fire extinguishers. The price is 4,000 baht per tank, the price is the Bureau of Protection and Relief of Disaster is a survey of Bangkok that has not been designated as the TOR. Or define the specification of the tank clear. We need to wait for the results of the survey of the needy tank again from the 50 district offices, which will be effective on July 2, and then go into the process of preparing the specification. Purchase the right fire extinguisher. In the case of Mr. Vissarapolpitak, a former Democrat MP, has opposed the purchase of the fire extinguisher. They will listen to all the information and will plan the specification. Establishing a fair, transparent, and profitable TAR For the 10-year life. It may be a storage tank inside the building. However, the Bangkok fire brigade distributes it to the public in an outdoor area, so it is only five years old, and the thickness of the fire extinguishers in Bangkok was 0.6 centimeters They see that the tank is too thin. It is not safe to use, so the specification of new tanks in Bangkok will be purchased. It will make the tank more thick. It may be at least 1 centimeter to ensure maximum safety. In addition, procurement in the form of biting. Act Procurement and Government Procurement Administration. 2560, which will have to open the competition widely. To provide the highest quality. It will be able to check the price. And the suitability of fire extinguishers
Country Thailand , South Eastern Asia
Industry services
Entry Date 10 Jul 2018

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