Contract Award For Purchase Of Urgent Medication Monthly Order Outside The Tender - Immedi...

Contract Award Notice

TRR 18036163
Organization Administración de Servicios de Salud del Estado | Centro Auxiliar de Pando
Tender No Compra Directa 4435/2024
Funded By Self-Funded
Country Uruguay , South America
Contract Value 16,837

Work Detail

Contract Award For Purchase Of Urgent Medication Monthly Order Outside The Tender - Immediate Delivery. - Quote Online Only Item Nº1 Simeticone Tablet Code. Article 31479, Item Nº2 Ondansetron Oral Solution Cod. Article 77920, Item Nº4 Famotidine Tablets Cod. Article 16782, Item Nº5 Ciprofibrate Tablets Cod. Article 16692, Item Nº6 Carvedilol Tablets Cod. Article 16671, Item Nº7 Nifedipine Tablets Cod. Article 16938, Item Nº8 Enalapril Tablet Cod. Article 16765, Item Nº9 Amiodarone Tablets Cod. Article 16614, Item Nº10 Azelastine Ophthalmic Use Drops Cod. Article 26020, Item Nº11 Associated Antibiotic With Vasoconstrictor Ophthalmic Use Cod. Article 31529, Item Nº12 Association Of Ocular Hypotensioners Cod. Article 26005, Item Nº13 Acetazolamide Tablets Cod. Article 16593, Item Nº14 Tropicamide-Phenylephhrine Ophthalmic Use Cod. Article 30080, Item Nº16 Injectable Morphine Cod. Article 31422, Item Nº17 Tiapride Tablets Cod. Article 69441, Item Nº18 Biperidene Tablet Cod. Article 16644, Item Nº20 Midazolam Injectable Cod. Article 26296, Item Nº21 Enoxaparin Injectable Cod. Article 69888, Item Nº22 Enoxaparin Injectable Cod. Article 69888, Item Nº23 Paricalcitol Injectable Cod. Article 60819, Item Nº24 Progesterone Cod. Article 17003, Item Nº25 Hydrocortisone Cod. Article 26194, Item Nº26 Glimepiride Tablets Cod. Article 16826, Item Nº30 Nystatin Suspension Cod. Article 26310, Item Nº31 Clindamicin Suspension Cod. Article 26076, Item Nº32 Cefuroxime-Axetil Suspension Cod. Article 31417, Item Nº33 Amoxicillin - Clavulanic Tablets Cod. Item 31372

Key Dates

Contract Date 09 Apr 2024

Contact Information

Company Name Laboratorios Haymann S A
Contract Value 16,837
Contract Date 09 Apr 2024

Complete details of the selected Tender
Organisation Name : Vijaya Bank
Organisation Type : Public Sector Banks Ministry : Ministry of Finance
Tender Ref. No : DIT/DELHIARMB/07052016/1
Tender Title : E-Auction Sale Notice for the properties of M/s Guru Kripa Iron Trading Pvt Ltd, mortgaged to Vijaya Bank and taken possession under the provisions of SARFAESI Act 2002.
Product Category : Land/Building
Sub Category :
Tender Value (INR if not mentioned):
Rs 1,62,00,000/-
Document Cost :
Tender Type : Auction
Location : Delhi
Announcement Date :
Publication Date on Portal: 5-July-2016 At : 8:03:09 PM  
Last Date of Document Collection :  
8-August-2016 Up To : 5:00 PM  
Last date for  
Submission :
8-August-2016 Up To : 5:00 PM  
Opening Date : 10-August-2016 At : 11:00 AM  
Work Description :
Pre-Qualification :
PreBid Meet Date : --
Tender Document : View Document *
Bid Document : Document Not available
Tech. Document : Document Not available
Sector : Banking, Finance & Insurance
State : Karnataka
For further Information Contact:
Name : Santhosh Aili
E-Mail :
Phone Office : 08025584066
Fax : 08025582747
Address :
City : Bangalore

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