Djibouti Project Notice - Collector For Liquid Sanitation In Balbala Sud

Project Notice

PNR 63257
Project Name Collector for liquid sanitation in Balbala Sud
Project Detail In order to transport effluent from several districts of Balbala Sud (Camp Cheik Osman, Lotissements Sud and Barwaqo II districts) to this new treatment plant, an 11 km main collector and the five associated pumping stations must be built, as defined in the first five-year plan of the SDA. The European Unions €10 million grant delegation to AFD will enable the construction of the first section of these collectors, for a total of 6.5 km of network and 3 pumping stations, and to finance the associated project management service. The aim of the project is to improve the living conditions of residents of the southern districts of the municipality of Balbala by (i) reducing health risks and the spread of water-borne diseases linked to the presence of wastewater, and (ii) preserving water resources in a context of water stress exacerbated by climate change.
Funded By French Development Agency (AfD),
Sector Engineering
Country Djibouti , Africa
Project Value DJF 9,523,810

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Company Name French Development Agency (AfD)
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