Indonesia Project Notice - Project For Community Movement Program On Forest And Land Fire Prevention

Project Notice

PNR 62756
Project Name Project for Community Movement Program on Forest and Land Fire Prevention
Project Detail Indonesia is the third largest country in the world in terms of tropical forest area. Tropical forests contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity as habitats for wildlife and absorb carbon emissions. In recent years, pressure for deforestation and forest degradation, including forest fires and peatland fires, has been increasing, and countermeasures to address this issue have become an urgent priority. This project will build institutions for fire control, develop community-based fire prevention models/peatland management models, and provide national-level policy support in the six target priority provinces. This will reduce the number of hotspots and fire sites in one model province in each target province. (1) Overall Goal: New model provinces will be established and hotspots and fire sites reduced in the target province and other provinces. 2) Project Purpose: One model province will be established in each target province to reduce hotspots and fire sites. 3) Outcome Output 1: Institutions for forest land fire control will be operationalized in the six target provinces. Output 2: A community-based forest land fire prevention model will be applied at the provincial level. Output 3: Community-based sustainable peatland management models are developed in fire-prone villages. Output 4: Policies and experiences in community-based forest land fire prevention are shared at the national level.
Funded By Self-Funded
Sector Administration & Marketing
Country Indonesia , South Eastern Asia
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