Sweden Project Notice - European Researchers Night In Sweden 2024_2025: Forskarfredag 2024_2025

Project Notice

PNR 62447
Project Name European Researchers Night in Sweden 2024_2025: ForskarFredag 2024_2025
Project Detail "ForskarFredag (Researchers’ Friday) is Sweden’s most widely dispersed science festival. ForskarFredag 2024 and 2025 (FF2024_25) will consist of events arranged in 26 cities and an online programme, open to anyone. In total, FF2024_25 will engage around 53,600 attendees and 1150 researchers. The non-profit association VA (Public & Science) has coordinated FF annually since 2006. FF2024_25 builds on previous years, drawing on experience, contacts and an ever-increasing profile. The FF motto is ""Researchers are ordinary people with extraordinary jobs”. At FF2024_25, members of the public will meet researchers and participate in activities designed to stimulate dialogue and show that research is exciting and relevant to everyday life: debates, science cafes, competitions, shows, experiments and hands-on activities. Common themes around EU priorities will inspire activities exploring the role of research in tackling societal challenges. A collaboration with 7 other ERN projects will deliver a set of European-wide activities, highlighting the European dimension of research. Young people aged 6–19 are a key target group. A school programme will offer numerous opportunities for encounters with research. The “Borrow a Researcher” concept will enable 15,000 pupils across Sweden to meet a researcher in school or virtually as a “Researcher at Schools” initiative. Annual national mass experiments (citizen science projects) inviting pupils to work with researchers, will involve appr. 3000 people. Local events (physical and some digital) expected to reach around 35,600 attendees will be organised by 10 Partners and 18 External Partners. Each event builds on local strengths and networks to give the highest possible impact. All event organisers share experiences in a national network. VA is responsible for the coordination, quality assurance, common activities, national identity, awareness campaign and impact assessment of FF24_25.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Sector Advertising & Media
Country Sweden , Northern Europe
Project Value SEK 300,000

Contact Information

Web Site https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101162306

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