Zambia Project Notice - Scaling Up Youth Employment In Agriculture Initiative

Project Notice

PNR 62420
Project Name Scaling Up Youth Employment in Agriculture Initiative
Project Detail In Zambia and Zimbabwe, due to a mismatch between the skills they have and those in demand, youth cannot access or create economic opportunities and overlook those available. The project builds skills and matches youth with firms, markets and finance to create more and better (self)-employment in agri-food, renewable energy and emerging sectors, contributing to Swiss priorities on human and economic development and climate change. This is a contribution implemented by SNV. Southern Africa has a youth demographic bulge at the backdrop of precarious employment opportunities and climate change challenges. Growth experienced in the region has not been pro-poor with women and youth faring worse. Gaps exist in the translation of available policies into desired results for the youth. Even though Zambia and Zimbabwe are comparable on the policy situation, the market conditions are starkly different with Zambia’s being more favourable compared to Zimbabwe’s. Zimbabwe comparatively faces major sociopolitical and economic environment ills. Objectives The overall goal is to improve livelihood and future prospects for additional 24’000 youth (11’000 in Zimbabwe and 13’000 in Zambia, at least 50% being young women) and 120’000 indirect beneficiaries, by creating green (self)-employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in agri-food, renewable energy and emerging sectors.
Funded By Other Funding Agencies
Sector Energy & Power
Country Zambia , Southern Africa
Project Value ZMK 4,600,000

Contact Information

Company Name Embassy of Switzerland
Address Embassy of Switzerland 9 Lanark Road Belgravia Harare Zimbabwe Map Phone Headquarters +263 24 2703 997
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