Uganda Project Notice - Feed The Future Water And Food Systems For Resilient Communities Activity

Project Notice

PNR 62404
Project Name Feed the Future Water and Food Systems for Resilient Communities Activity
Project Detail The Kyoga Basin in northeast Uganda faces food insecurity that is on the edge of emergency. Violent cattle raids endanger lives, livestock, and livelihoods and deter private investment. Intensifying climate extremes, crop failures, rising pests, and price hikes resulting from supply shortages due to COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine are additional factors putting a strain on natural resources such as the watershed landscape, as well as human hygiene and health. This part of Uganda also suffers from fragmented markets and chronic underinvestment in public services. The Uganda Feed the Future Water and Food Systems for Resilient Communities Activity addresses water and food insecurity in three water catchments encompassing the Karamoja region and parts of the Teso and Bugisu subregions of northeast Uganda. With our partners, we are enhancing market systems and resilience, strengthening relevant institutions, expanding access to climate-resilient services, and—in two of the most vulnerable of the 20 districts covered by the activity—employ “graduation” approaches to assist the ultra-poor. All our initiatives incorporate conflict sensitivity, local leadership, climate change adaptation, and approaches inclusive of women, young people, the elderly, people with disabilities, and indigenous groups.
Funded By United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Sector Railways
Country Uganda , Eastern Africa
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Company Name U.S. Agency for International Development
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