United States Project Notice - Cryo Thermal Management Of HIGH-POWER Density Motors And Drives

Project Notice

PNR 62333
Project Name Cryo Thermal Management of HIGH-POWER Density Motors and Drives
Project Detail Hyper Tech Research Inc., aims to design and demonstrate a multi-MW, high-efficiency, and high-power density integrated electric propulsion motor, drive, and thermal management system that meets the performance requirements of future hybrid electric, single-aisle passenger aircraft. The proposed technology incorporates an advanced and high-performance induction electric motor and drive system with novel advanced thermal management techniques for synergistic cooling that safely uses cryogenic bio-liquified natural gas (LNG) as the energy source for power generation and a large thermal-battery cooling system to provide a highly compact, light, and efficient thermal management system capability throughout all the different flight phases of a commercial narrow-body aircraft. If successful, the system will allow for cost-effective motors capable of operating at higher power density than existing conventional non-cryogenic motors and close to the power density of cryogenic superconducting motors. The proposed propulsion system is based on a non-cryogenically cooled motor and drive with world class power density that Ohio State University developed for NASA. The team will redesign the motor to improve the takeoff power density and take advantage of the cryogenic bio-LNG for thermal management. Potential Impact: The ASCEND program has the potential to accelerate innovations and cause disruptive changes in the emerging electric aviation field.
Funded By Self-Funded
Sector Energy & Power
Country United States , Northern America
Project Value USD 2,910,479

Contact Information

Company Name Hyper Tech Research
Address ARPA-E Program Director: Dr. Peter de Bock Project Contact: Mr. Michael Tomsic Press and General Inquiries Email: ARPA-E-Comms@hq.doe.gov Project Contact Email: mtomsic@hypertechresearch.com
Web Site https://arpa-e.energy.gov/technologies/projects/cryo-thermal-management-high-power-density-motors-and-drives

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