Zambia Project Notice - Humanitarian And Food Security Response To Mitigate The Effects Of The Drought In Zambia

Project Notice

PNR 62247
Project Name Humanitarian and Food Security Response to Mitigate the effects of the Drought in Zambia
Project Detail This proposal directly responds to the recent call by the President of the Republic of Zambia in his address to the nation on 29 February 2024, when he declared the drought situation a national disaster and emergency. Following this appeal for humanitarian assistance from cooperating partners, the African Development Bank has partnered with WFP to submit this proposal for funds under the Bank’s Special Relief Fund (SRF), to provide emergency assistance that will enable the partnership to complement the Governments response and provide lifesaving assistance to the food-insecure populations affected by the impact of El-Niño. This request fits within the parameters of AfDBs revised policy guidelines procedures for emergency relief assistance (ADB/BD/WP/2008/211/Rev. 1 –ADF/BD/WP/2008/173/Rev.1). Project Objectives The Project aims to complement the Governments efforts and those of other humanitarian partners to save lives and protect livelihoods in the current crisis caused by the drought. This objective will be achieved through the provision of emergency food transfers. The Bank, through SRF, will contribute US$1 million in response to the appeal, while WFP will deploy its field capacity to identify, target and provide relief emergency support to the target beneficiaries. Beneficiaries The funding from the Bank’s SRF will be used to complement the Governments interim response which is providing cereals by providing complementary pulses to cover an estimated 63,187people (12,637 households) in the sixteen most affected districts. The aim is to provide consumption needs to affected households to diversify their food basket and address essential needs during three critical months between May and August 2024, thus enabling them to protect their livelihoods and avoid long term deterioration of their food and nutrition security. The support will be a monthly food transfer value of63kilograms per household for three and half months. Rapid market assessments preliminary findings have highlighted that the cost of food has increased significantly with availability challenges which impede the feasibility of cash-based transfers.
Funded By World Food Organisation (WFP)
Sector Administration & Marketing
Country Zambia , Southern Africa
Project Value ZMK 755,675

Contact Information

Company Name world food programme
Address Contact Details Name Lewis Mupeta BANGWE Email
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