United States Project Notice - Electric Flightworthy Lightweight Integrated Thermally-Enhanced Powertrain System (Eflites) For Narrow-Body Commercial Aircraft

Project Notice

PNR 62176
Project Name Electric Flightworthy Lightweight Integrated Thermally-Enhanced powertrain System (eFLITES) for Narrow-body Commercial Aircraft
Project Detail General Electric Global Research will develop a 2 MW fully integrated all-electric aircraft powertrain and demonstrate a 350-kW lab-scale prototype to enable zero carbon emission narrow-body commercial aircraft with all-electric propulsion. The technology is supported by several key innovations such as a high-voltage, direct-drive, synchronous permanent-magnet motor with transformational embedded cooling of the windings using supercritical carbon dioxide and high-temperature, high-voltage electrical insulation; a modular inverter fully integrated into the motor to reduce component count with high-temperature, low-loss silicon carbide (SiC)-inverter modules; and an ultracompact thermal management system that services the motor and inverter. The design and use of novel manufacturing techniques will lead to significant mass reduction and thus increase specific power density while maintaining a very high electrical-to-mechanical energy conversion efficiency. Potential Impact: The ASCEND program has the potential to accelerate innovations and cause disruptive changes in the emerging electric aviation field.
Funded By Self-Funded
Sector Energy & Power
Country United States , Northern America
Project Value USD 7,176,095

Contact Information

Company Name General Electric (GE) Global Research
Web Site https://arpa-e.energy.gov/technologies/projects/electric-flightworthy-lightweight-integrated-thermally-enhanced-powertrain

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