United States Project Notice - 3D-Printed 1000°C Silicon-Carbide Thermocatalytic CO2 Reactor With High Carbon Conversion And Energy Efficiencies

Project Notice

PNR 62175
Project Name 3D-Printed 1000°C Silicon-Carbide Thermocatalytic CO2 Reactor with High Carbon Conversion and Energy Efficiencies
Project Detail Dimensional Energy will apply additive manufacturing (AM) of large-scale ceramics to 3D print a reactor that will efficiently convert greater than 70% of CO2 and green H2 into synthetic gas (syngas), which may be used to produce synthetic aviation fuel. The high carbon utilization and energy efficiencies of the reactor will be coupled with inexpensive renewable electricity and green electrolysis-produced H2 to enable syngas production. Further processing will yield sustainable aviation fuel and other sustainable fuels and chemicals. The ultra-high temperature reactor will include structural features and architectures to achieve higher energy efficiency, compactness, temperature uniformity, and ease of system integration. Potential Impact: Dimensional Energy’s innovative reactors will convert CO2 into a feedstock chemical that can be processed into jet fuel, thereby providing a low-carbon and sustainable aviation fuel to an air flight sector that accounts for nearly 3% of global annual emissions.
Funded By Self-Funded
Sector Energy & Power
Country United States , Northern America
Project Value USD 3,100,104

Contact Information

Company Name Dimensional Energy
Web Site https://arpa-e.energy.gov/technologies/projects/3d-printed-1000degc-silicon-carbide-thermocatalytic-co2-reactor-high-carbon

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