Austria Project Notice - Stimuli Responsive Bio-Based Bisphenols For The Synthesis Of Recyclable Thermosets

Project Notice

PNR 61865
Project Name Stimuli responsive bio-based bisphenols for the synthesis of recyclable thermosets
Project Detail Thermosets are an intriguing class of polymeric materials characterized by high durability and excellent thermal stability, indispensable in many industrial sectors such as construction, transportation and aviation. However, due to precisely these sought-after characteristics, they are typically not recycled, contributing to raising environmental concerns. Moreover, thermosets are typically manufactured from unsustainable, petrol-derived Bisphenol-A. StimulART will tackle the two key scientific challenges that need to be addressed in order to achieve sustainability in thermosets and to integrate this material class into the Circular Economy: a.) Enabling efficient low-temperature recycling through judicious structural and molecular design b.) Achieving meaningful use of renewable resources by embracing their innate structure and reactivity. This highly interdisciplinary StimulART cuts across scientific boundaries ranging from the chemistry of renewables and sustainable biorefining, organic & green chemistry and catalysis, separation science, materials synthesis and characterization in order to develop fundamental molecular and sustainable biorefinery concepts. Thereby, it will allow access to well-defined, structurally modular, stimuli responsive bisphenols directly from lignocellulosic biomass for creating recyclable, high-performance polybenzoxazine and epoxy thermosets, enabling closed loop recycling strategies in thermosets. The main objectives are: i) a wide variety of new stimuli-responsive bisphenols obtained directly from lignocellulosic biomass, through innovative protection group- or biomass orthogonal click chemistry, ii) semi-continuous flow-setups with integrated bisphenol separation via crystallization/precipitation and catch-and-release iii) the development of recyclable, bio-based epoxy- and benzoxazine thermosets and novel catalytic strategies to enhance their end-of-life processing StimulART matches Horizon Europe strategies like the Green Deal.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Country Austria , Western Europe
Project Value EUR 1,999,271

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