United States Project Notice - High Power Density Dual Rotor Permanent Magnet Motor With Integrated Cooling And Drive For Aircraft Propulsion

Project Notice

PNR 61725
Project Name High Power Density Dual Rotor Permanent Magnet Motor with Integrated Cooling and Drive for Aircraft Propulsion
Project Detail Advanced Magnet Lab (AML) seeks to develop high-power density permanent magnet motors. When coupled to an integrated SiC (silicon carbide) drive, these motors will enable an overall specific power beyond 12 kW/kg. The proposed concept relies on (1) the tight integration of a high-power density dual-rotor permanent magnet rotor based on "continuous flux directed" magnets (PM-360TM) currently under development at AML, (2) high-power density SiC power converters, and (3) a shared closed-loop cooling system rejecting the heat in the propulsion ducted fan air stream. The proposed motor is based on a dual-rotor configuration using permanent magnets forming ideal Halbach arrays (a permanent magnet arrangement that creates a stronger field on one side and reduces the field on the other side to near zero) allowing for high magnetic loading without the need for iron. Integrating the motor and power converter will enable very high-power density, which is paramount in aircraft application. Potential Impact: The ASCEND program has the potential to accelerate innovations and cause disruptive changes in the emerging electric aviation field.
Funded By Self-Funded
Sector Energy & Power
Country United States , Northern America
Project Value USD 1,861,646

Contact Information

Company Name Advanced Magnet Lab
Web Site https://arpa-e.energy.gov/technologies/projects/high-power-density-dual-rotor-permanent-magnet-motor-integrated-cooling-and

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