United States Project Notice - Ultra-Light, Integrated, Reliable, Aviation-Class, Co-Optimized Motor & Power Converter With Advanced Cooling Technology (ULTRA-COMPACT)

Project Notice

PNR 61716
Project Name Ultra-Light, inTegrated, Reliable, Aviation-class, Co-Optimized Motor & Power converter with Advanced Cooling Technology (ULTRA-COMPACT)
Project Detail Small regional aircraft operations are challenged by high fuel cost, noise restrictions associated with small regional airports, and high maintenance cost of twin gas turbines. A battery/gas turbine hybrid series small regional aircraft, enabled by ULTRA COMPACT driven propulsors, addresses these issues, and could reduce passenger mile energy consumption. The Raytheon Technologies Research Center proposes ULTRA-COMPACT to improve the electric-to-shaft power electric drive train and demonstrate feasibility of a turbo-electric distributed propulsion-based electrified aircraft propulsion (EAP) system. The ULTRA-COMPACT electric propulsion system leverages: (1) a novel high-speed permanent magnet machine, (2) a series-parallel, multi-level silicon carbide (SiC) based motor drive topology, (3) a high-power density gearbox using lightweight composite, and (4) an integrated and actively controlled thermal management system that provides coolant directly to the motor, gearbox and power converter. Potential Impact: The ASCEND program has the potential to accelerate innovations and cause disruptive changes in the emerging electric aviation field.
Funded By Self-Funded
Sector Energy & Power
Country United States , Northern America
Project Value USD 6,941,760

Contact Information

Company Name Raytheon Technologies Research Center
Address ARPA-E Program Director: Dr. Peter de Bock Project Contact: Dr. Jagadeesh Tangudu Press and General Inquiries Email: ARPA-E-Comms@hq.doe.gov Project Contact Email: tangudjk@rtx.com
Web Site https://arpa-e.energy.gov/technologies/projects/ultra-light-integrated-reliable-aviation-class-co-optimized-motor-power

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