South Sudan Project Notice - Supporting Returnee And Host Communities To Rebuild Livelihoods, Generate Income, And Peacefully Improve And Manage Natural Resources For Short-Term Relief And Long-Term Food Security (Triple Nexus) In South Sudan.

Project Notice

PNR 60929
Project Name Supporting returnee and host communities to rebuild livelihoods, generate income, and peacefully improve and manage natural resources for short-term relief and long-term food security (Triple Nexus) in South Sudan.
Project Detail This project will support returnees and the host communities to rebuild their livelihoods, generate income, and peacefully improve and manage natural resources for short-term relief and long-term food security. This will be achieved through increased food production, sustainable management and governance of natural resources, initiating alternative income opportunities, non-violent conflict resolution and GBV prevention. This intervention aligns with the humanitarian, peace and development nexus and will contribute to durable solutions. South Sudan continues to face persistent high levels of social, political and economic instability due to violent conflict at the macro- and micro-levels of society, as well as unpredictable extreme weather caused by climate change resulting from overuse and misuse of natural resources, leading to droughts and flooding, which in turn contribute to severe food insecurity across the country. In 2023, as per the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), 9.4 million (76%) of South Sudans population are in need of humanitarian assistance, an increase of approx. 500’000 people compared to 2022. The current humanitarian needs are further compounded by the Sudan crisis where over 200’000 people have arrived to South Sudan. The greater Equatoria area, the focus area of this project, experiences similar contextual challenges like the rest of the Country. Both Central Equatoria (CE) and Eastern Equatoria (EE) states are experiencing high levels of food insecurity with populations in some locations categorized in IPC3 and above. With 115,864 returnees to EES and 245,695 returnees to CES since the R-ARCSS in 2018 until December 2022, both states have the highest numbers of returnees in South Sudan. Both states suffer from violent conflict and insecurity due to inter- and intra-communal fighting, conflicts over natural resources, revenge killings and frequent cattle raiding and roadside attacks, with significant impact on GBV cases which remain historically very high. Objectives The overall objective of the project is to improve the livelihoods and resilience of returnees and host communities in selected counties in Eastern and Central Equatoria State through increased food security as a result of improved agricultural production and more sustainable management and governance of natural resources, through alternative income opportunities, and non-violent conflict resolution and GBV prevention’.
Funded By United Nations (UN)
Sector Administration & Marketing
Country South Sudan , Africa
Project Value SS 1,500,000

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Company Name Ministry of Environment (MoE)
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